Smoke Management and Air Quality

In 2007 the Joint Fire Science program conducted a wildland fire smoke needs assessment, hosting two parallel roundtables (in the eastern and western US) in which managers and scientists developed lists of priorities. It was clear from the roundtables that a comprehensive and extensive science plan was needed to focus future investments from 2011 to 2015.

The science plan was completed in 2010 based on a series of web-based questionnaires. Over 900 people responded to the questionnaires, which, we believe, is the largest and most diversified set of responses to smoke research needs ever collected in the US.

The resulting plan has four research themes as its foundation:

Each theme has a clearly defined objective to be achieved within a five-year program of research. Each theme outlines yearly activities to incrementally move the program of research forward to achieve the thematic goals. These yearly activities are designed to complement research across themes so that synergisms are fostered and perhaps even open the door to unexpected possibilities. In this way, the Joint Fire Science Program Smoke Science Plan breaks with past smoke research assessments as it creates a program of incremental work to progress towards specific objectives rather than defining science needs in general terms.

Prior to the Smoke Science Plan, work was solicited based on a preliminary science assessment.

Fiscal Year Proposal Solicitation
2008 Smoke and Emissions Models Evaluation
2009 1) Regional haze - ozone and secondary organic aerosol formation
2) Smoke dispersion from low-intensity fires
2010 Public perceptions of smoke management
2011 1) Fire smoke and ozone standards analysis
2) Mega-fire smoke and population impacts trajectory analysis
2012 1) Assessment of fire emissions inventory tools
2) Assessment of prescribed fire contributions to PM2.5 and PM10 standards

pdf document JFSP Smoke Science Plan Final Report
pdf document JFSP Smoke Science Plan Executive Summary
pdf document JFSP Smoke Science Summary Statements Booklet 21 April 2017