Joint Fire Science Program

Our Mission

The Program is uniquely positioned to tailor wildland fire research in response to the emerging needs of policymakers and fire managers.  An annual cycle of proposal solicitation, review, and funding ensures timely response to evolving conditions.  Research projects complement and build on other federal research programs, such as those in the Forest Service Forest and Rangeland Research Stations, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Fire Plan.  Synthesis of research findings and targeted delivery to managers are essential components of the Program.

More than 90 colleges and universities have also collaborated on and partnered with JFSP‑sponsored research projects.  By engaging masters and doctoral candidates in these projects, we are training the next generation of resource managers and scientists.  This collaboration extends to private, non-profit organizations and tribal, state, county, and local governments as well.  In all, nearly 200 organizations have become partners in JFSP-sponsored research.

1998 Joint Fire Science Plan
Provides a scientific basis and rationale for implementing fuels management activities

pdf 2000 Implementation Plan