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00-1-1 More Information Actions
Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of fuels management and vegetation manipulation treatments at affecting the frequency, severity and size of wildland fires in shrublands of the Intermountain area of the western United States. Closed on Apr 15, 2000

00-1-2 More Information Actions
Determine how invasive plants influence fire behavior and occurrence, which ecosystems are at greatest risk from fire-invasive plant interactions, and how fire and non-fire treatments could be used to control invasions. Closed on Apr 15, 2000

00-1-3 More Information Actions
Remote sensing. Develop and validate remote sensing tools, models, and approaches that can lead to more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective development, acquisition, or analysis of information necessary for planning, implementing, and monitoring fuel management programs. Closed on Apr 15, 2000

00-2 More Information Actions
Closed on Nov 01, 1999

00-U More Information Actions
Special 2000 project funded in response to Cerro Grande fire. Closed on Sep 30, 2000