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98-1-1 More Information Actions
Inventory and assess information currently available for fuels inventory and mapping including existing methodologies. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-10 More Information Actions
Evaluate and compare fuels treatment practices and techniques. Develop and coordinate fuels treatment schedules. Establish procedures for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting fuels treatments. Closed on Jul 06, 1998

98-1-3 More Information Actions
Assess remote sensing needs and capabilities. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-4 More Information Actions
Assess values at risk in the United States from wildfire. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-5 More Information Actions
Synthesize available information on historic fire regimes and identify knowledge gaps. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-6 More Information Actions
Synthesis of available information on the current wildland fuels situation and response of different ecosystems to various fuel treatments. Closed on Jul 15, 1998

98-1-7 More Information Actions
Design a standard protocol that can be used across regions, agencies, and fuel types to evaluate fuels treatments. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-8 More Information Actions
Develop a tradeoff analysis method for managers to compare and contrast the effects, with a focus on emissions production, of prescribed fire vs. wildfire. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-1-9 More Information Actions
Modeling smoke from wildland fires. Closed on Jul 07, 1998

98-S More Information Actions
Special Projects for 1998 Closed on Jul 07, 1998