Fire History and Climate Change

pdf Preface and Table of Contents
pdf Chapter 1: Introduction
pdf Chapter 2: Climate Change State of the Science
pdf Chapter 3: Fire Regimes
pdf Chapter 4: Ecosystems, Climate, and Fuels
pdf Chapter 5: Change, Variability, Pattern and Scale
pdf Chapter 6: Fire History and Climate Change: The View from Ecosystems
pdf Chapter 7: Scientific Progress Expected Over the Next Decade
pdf Chapter 8: Recommendations for Managers
pdf Chapter 9: Conclusions
pdf References
pdf Appendix A: February 2010 Workshop Highlights
pdf Appendix B: Glossary of Terms
pdf Appendix C: Unit Conversion and Other Tables
pdf Appendix D: ZOTERO Bibliographic Data Base
pdf Appendix E: Patterns and Indicies of Climate Variability Adapted from A. Kaplan
pdf Appendix F: Bailey Descriptions