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Project ID: 10-C-01-04

Year: 2010

Date Started: 06/07/2010

Date Completed: 10/31/2013

Title: Design, Development & Implementation of IFT-DSS

Project Proposal Abstract: This is a contract to provide the services required to develop and implement the Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System (IFT-DSS), an information systems software application. The contract parties are the Department of Interior (DOI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM), herein referred to as the Government and Sonoma Technology, Inc. and/or any of its representatives, herein referred to as the Contractor. The Contractor shall provide personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items, including non-personnel services, necessary to perform the Design, Development, and Implementation of IFT-DSS as defined in this Statement of Work (SOW). The only exceptions are for those items specified as Government furnished services, property, and equipment. The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over any Subcontractors performing the services described herein; such Subcontractors shall be accountable solely to the Contractor, who in turn is responsible to the Government.

Principal Investigator: Tami Haste

Agency/Organization: Sonoma Technology Inc.

Branch or Dept: Fire & Forest Ecology

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