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Project ID: 10-C-01-01

Year: 2010

Date Started: 09/01/2009

Date Completed: 12/09/2010

Title: JFSP Smoke Science Plan - METI Inc.

Project Proposal Abstract: A Smoke Science Plan that includes: 1) Literature and investigative search and review of past wildland fire smoke needs assessments with a parallel of air quality regulation evolution as a context for the smoke roundtables compiled as a short (~20 page) stand alone document and also in a form to be useful as a part of the smoke science plan. 2) A review of current and recent smoke science research, internal and external to the JFSP, compiled as a short (~20 page) stand alone document and also in a form to be useful as a part of the smoke science plan. This will also be developed into a paper suitable for publication in an appropriate fire management journal. 3) A JFSP Smoke Science Plan, with suggested yearly research and development topics for the program to consider, outlining potential partners for each topic, and how topics may be broken into discrete projects with estimates of resources needed. The plan shall be founded on the smoke roundtables conducted by JFSP in 2007 and subsequent interactions with scientists and managers. The plan will also present a future context for smoke research based upon what is now known about the probable course of air quality regulations and science issues such as climate change. Additionally, the plan will include explicit yearly milestones which the JFSP will be able to use to judge progress made on the plan's implementation.

Principal Investigator: Allen R. Riebau

Agency/Organization: Nine Points South Technical Pty Ltd

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Douglas G. Fox

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