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Project ID: 11-1-4-19

Year: 2011

Date Started: 09/01/2011

Ending Date:  11/30/2015

Title: Determination of the Effects of Heating Mechanisms and Moisture Content on Ignition of Live Fuels

Project Proposal Abstract: After many years of research examining the ignition of wood and other cellulosic fuels, it is still unclear which modes of heat transfer will result in successful ignition of live wildland fuel particles. Thermal radiation can cause a fuel particle to pyrolyze to produce a gaseous mixture that can be pilot ignited. Convective heating can produce a pyrolysis mixture that ignites without a pilot. Moisture content of the live fuel particle may influence these results. We propose to examine the ability of heating by different combinations of thermal radiation and convection to ignite pyrolyzates from foliage of common live fuels. By testing fresh foliar samples monthly for a year, we will examine the influence of live fuel moisture content on the pre-ignition and ignition processes. We will accomplish this by designing and performing a series of collaborative experiments drawing upon ongoing work in two combustion labs and comparing experimental results with existing models. The anticipated benefit of this work will be expansion of our limited understanding and description of the ignition process of live wildland fuels that will contribute to improved fire behavior models.

Principal Investigator: David R. Weise

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Jennifer R. Jones

Forest Service

PSW-Pacific Southwest Research Station

Budget Contact

Anna Wong

Forest Service

PSW-Pacific Southwest Research Station

Co-Principal Investigator

Thomas H. Fletcher

Brigham Young University

Department of Chemical Engineering

Co-Principal Investigator

William ’Matt’ M. Jolly

Forest Service

RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Co-Principal Investigator

Shankar M Mahalingam

University of Alabama-Huntsville

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Co-Principal Investigator

Sara S. McAllister

Forest Service

RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Co-Principal Investigator

Babak Shotorban

University of Alabama-Huntsville

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Federal Cooperator

David R. Weise

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Project Locations



Great Basin

Northern Rockies








Project Deliverables

There is no final report available for this project.
  ID Type Title
    7559 Poster Effects of Season and Heating Model on Ignition and Burning Behavior of Ten Live Fuel Species Measur
    7560 Poster Effects of Season on Ignition of Live Wildland Fuels Using the FIST Apparatus
view or print   7455 Conference/Symposia/Workshop A numerical investigation of the effect of moisture content on pyrolysis and combustion of live fue
view or print   7456 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Effects of season on ignition of three species of live wildland fuels using the FIST apparatus
view or print   7457 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Effects of season and heating mode on ignition and burning behavior of three species of live fuel me
view or print   7611 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Convection ignition of live forest fuels
view or print   5586 Poster Fuel Element Combustion Properties for Live Wildland Utah Shrubs

Supporting Documents

There are no supporting documents available for this project.

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