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Project ID: 10-1-10-14


Date Started: 03/01/2011

Date Completed: 09/29/2014

Title: Fuels Treatment Effects on Carbon Stocks and Insect Induced Mortality 10-Years After Treatments

Project Proposal Abstract: Pretreatment measurements were taken in 1998-1999, mechanical treatments were implemented in 2000-2001, and prescribed fire treatments were applied in 2001. As part of this project we have examined the impacts of the full range of treatments on C stocks and modeled a range of treatments over a 100 year period using FVS to quantify C stocks under simulated wildfire conditions (Hurteau and North 2009; North et al. 2009) . Carbon costs increased with increasing treatment intensity. Selecting harvest trees based on size and species to favor larger pines, stored tree-based C in the most fire-resistant structures. For seven years after treatments we have annually re-measured a subset of the trees to follow radial growth response at DBH. This preliminary data suggests a rapid diameter increase in small trees (< 75 cm DBH). However, most of our large tree samples across all fuels treatments have lower radial growth than large trees in the untreated control. Some recent research (Stone et al. 1999) suggests old-growth trees tend to have a lagged response to thinning because C is being allocated preferentially to the canopy. If allometric relationships in old-growth trees are altered by thinning activities, quantifying tree C by measuring diameter only at breast height has the potential to underestimate live tree C stocks. The objective of our research is 1) to quantify the longer term effects of fuels treatments on the release effect of residual tree growth and C sequestration; 2) determine how growth response in large old trees differs from young small trees and; 3) quantify the effects of fuels treatments on soil moisture, insect damage, tree mortality, and subsequent fuel loading.

Principal Investigator: Matthew D. Hurteau

Agency/Organization: University of New Mexico

Branch or Dept: Department of Biology

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

George W. Koch

Northern Arizona University

Department of Biological Sciences

Co-Principal Investigator

David M. Rizzo

University of California-Davis

Plant Pathology

Federal Cooperator

Malcolm P. North

Forest Service

PSW-Sierra Nevada Research Center

Federal Fiscal Representative

Anna Wong

Forest Service

PSW-Pacific Southwest Research Station

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network









Sierra National Forest

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