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Project ID: 16-4-05-3

Year: 2016

Date Started: 02/01/2016

Date Completed: 07/24/2017

Title: Modeling support for FASMEE experimental design using WRF-SFIRE-CHEM

Project Proposal Abstract: Recent advancements in fire-atmosphere modeling have increased the number of physical processes integrated into the coupled models. This greater complexity allows for more comprehensive representation of the complex interactions between the fire and the atmosphere; however, as a consequence of these advancements, data requirements for the model initialization and validation have increased as well. As the coupled fire-atmosphere models utilize local flow properties to parameterize fire progression, emissions and plume rise, integrated in-situ measurements are needed for their validation and future development. In this proposal, we define key problems associated with using WRF-SFIRE-CHEM for wildfire and smoke forecasting, as well as propose measurement data that would help to mitigate them. We propose how fire, meteorological, and micrometeorological observations accompanied by heat flux estimates and chemical measurements could be used to advance current capabilities of WRF-SFIRE-CHEM in terms of representation of the fire spread, plume thermodynamics (including the pyro cumulus formation), smoke chemistry, and smoke radiative effects. We will use statistically processed historical data (typical weather conditions for the anticipated burn locations and times) to create synthetic observations. We will run an ensemble of pre-burn simulations with various values of a small number of model parameters. We will use the synthetic observations to develop procedures to estimate the fuel parameters and to optimize the experimental design. Phase II will then use the data from the experimental burns to identify the parameters and to improve the model.

Principal Investigator: Adam K. Kochanski

Agency/Organization: University of Utah

Branch or Dept: Department of Atmospheric Sciences

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Jesse C. Pugh

University of Utah

Office of Sponsored Projects

Budget Contact

Jesse C. Pugh

University of Utah

Office of Sponsored Projects

Co-Principal Investigator

Aimé Fournier

University of Colorado-Denver

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Co-Principal Investigator

Mary Ann A. Jenkins

Co-Principal Investigator

Jan F. Mandel

University of Colorado-Denver

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Fire Science Exchange Network







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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print go to website 7896 Website Visualization portal for WRF-SFIRE simulations executed for FASMEE.
view or print go to website 7897 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm WRF-SFIRE
view or print go to website 7898 Website Visualization portal for selected WRF-SFIRE simulations executed for statistical analysis
view or print   7923 Final Report Summary Final Report Summary
view or print   7899 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Mathematical formulation of the statistical analysis

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