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Project ID: 16-3-01-37

Year: 2016

Date Started: 10/01/2016

Ending Date:  12/31/2018

Title: Defining “Resilient Landscapes” From Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Area

Project Proposal Abstract: Fuel treatment projects in wildland urban interface (WUI) areas are highly visible to public scrutiny, which can lead to intractable conflicts between land managers and the public that could block the implementation of those treatments. If agencies and publics are not able to reach adequate consensus regarding the definition of resilient landscapes then land management agencies will be prevented from performing important fuels management activities, amplifying already dire wildfire risks in high value areas. We seek to investigate how land managers and publics define a "resilient landscape to discover where agencies and publics might find both common ground and points of resistance regarding land treatments. We will accomplish this through tracking the re-implementation of the Forsythe II fuels treatment project, which was initially blocked by a vocal citizen group in 2014 on the USFS Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Boulder Ranger District. Examining the projects re-implementation and aftermath provides an opportunity to better understand specific perceptions of resilient landscapes in direct relation to the treatment project. Goals of the project include using a combination of mixed methods research, and applied journalistic and artistic methods to: 1) Contribute to social scientific understandings of stakeholder communication and negotiation; 2) generate dialogue between land managers and the public, and 3) promote awareness about the importance of fuels treatments in WUI areas.

Principal Investigator: Jody L. Jahn

Agency/Organization: University of Colorado-Boulder

Branch or Dept: Department of Communication

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Michael J. Spires

University of Colorado-Boulder

Office of Contracts and Grants

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Michael J. Spires

University of Colorado-Boulder

Office of Contracts and Grants

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Fire Science Exchange Network


Great Basin

Southern Rockies









Arapaho National Forest

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