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Project ID: 16-1-02-19

Year: 2016

Date Started: 10/01/2016

Ending Date:  08/31/2019

Title: Determining public influences on managersÂ’ decisions regarding prescribed fire in longleaf pine ecosystems

Project Proposal Abstract: Fire is a critical element for regeneration of native longleaf pine forests in the southern United States. This research explores the failure to apply prescribed fire to longleaf pine forests, despite increased planting after recent disaster events. To this end, we propose a three-phase project across eight states with the following objectives: (1) to assess the amount of longleaf planting on private lands motivated by disaster mitigation decisions; (2) to identify if prescribed fire has kept pace with demand for planting longleaf and, if so, to describe why; and (3) to identify landowners interest in prescribed burning programs and how managers may use this information to increase prescribed burning. To address these objectives, we will collect data from key informant interviews, a public telephone survey, and facilitated discussions. The combination of triangulated methods will result in richer and more supportable results than any single method alone. Benefits from the research include: (1) predictors of social barriers to prescribed burning; (2) types of landowners most likely to burn in longleaf ecosystems; (3) identification of an economic threshold for designing cost-share policy options focused on burning prescriptions in longleaf pine stands; (4) best marketing practices (BMPs) for recruiting and retaining landowners to educational efforts; and (5) increase dialogue among stakeholders to help them understand the risks and benefits of appropriate ecosystem management using fire. Results will not only lead to increased prescribed burning in general, but to increasing the range of longleaf pine - a positive climate change adaptation (NWF 2009).

Principal Investigator: Jason S. Gordon

Agency/Organization: Mississippi State University

Branch or Dept: Department of Forestry

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Agreements Contact

Kevin T. Enroth

Mississippi State University

Office of Sponsored Programs

Budget Contact

Mary A. Kelly

Mississippi State University

Department of Forestry

Co-Principal Investigator

Robert K. Grala

Mississippi State University

Department of Forestry

Co-Principal Investigator

John L. Willis

Mississippi State University

Department of Forestry

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Fire Science Exchange Network









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