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Project ID: 16-1-01-20

Year: 2016

Date Started: 07/01/2016

Date Completed: 12/19/2019

Title: Post-fire tree regeneration and fuels across the Northern Rockies following large wildfires: science meta-analyses, scenarios and manager workshops

Project Proposal Abstract: Understanding post-wildfire tree regeneration and fuel accumulation under changing climatic conditions is critical to understanding the impact of wildfires on forests over long time periods. Increased wildfire extent and the many recent large wildfires across the western U.S., particularly in the U.S. Northern Rockies, combined with increasing temperatures and drought, have caused concern about how wildfires will impact forest recovery. We propose to synthesize science on post-fire regeneration and fuels across the region and engage managers with goal of improving science-based management of post-fire landscapes. This project will consist of two regional meta-analyses on post-fire fuel dynamics and tree regeneration that will incorporate data across 67 wildfires and 1397 plots. After completing these analyses, we will work with managers in focus groups to create scenarios under future climate change where management may and may not be successful for reforestation following wildfires based on our findings in the regional-scale analyses. These focus groups will set the foundation for four localized one-day workshops where we will present our findings and managers will discuss and refine scenarios. Our social science co-PI will help us ensure that the presentations and small-group discussions during the workshops are effective; he will also survey workshop participants before and after the workshop to evaluate why, where and how the participants will be able to apply the scenarios in their management. All findings from the meta-analyses, focus groups and workshops will be shared through the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network as well as conferences and in peer-reviewed publications.

Principal Investigator: Penny Morgan

Agency/Organization: University of Idaho

Branch or Dept: Department of Forest Resources

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Deborah N. Shaver

University of Idaho

Office of Sponsored Programs

Budget Contact

Dan D. LaHann

University of Idaho

Office of Sponsored Programs

Co-Principal Investigator

Jarod J. Blades

University of Idaho

College of Natural Resources

Co-Principal Investigator

Kerry B. Kemp

University of Idaho

College of Natural Resources

Co-Principal Investigator

Camille S. Stevens-Rumann

Colorado State University

Warner College of Natural Resources


Daniel C. Donato

Oregon State University

Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society


Brian J. Harvey

University of Washington

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences


Philip E. Higuera

University of Montana

College of Forestry & Conservation


Monica T. Rother

Tall Timbers Research Station

Fire Ecology

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network

Northern Rockies






Interior West


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