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Project ID: 15-1-02-4

Year: 2015

Date Started: 10/01/2015

Ending Date:  09/30/2018

Title: U.S. Smoke Hazard Warning System: Prototype and Enhancements to Operational Systems

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal directly addresses critical aspects of FA-FON0015-0001 Task 2 "Smoke hazard warning system" by creating a needed conduit for aggregating and distilling smoke and smoke-related information, including health information, and distributing it to end users and the public, as well as providing for the necessary training and interagency oversight required due to the complex jurisdictions of federal, state, and local agencies with respect to air quality and public health information. Specifically, this proposal: (1) assembles a large working project team from across the agencies involved in air quality and public health on a national to local level; (2) gathers the many and complex datasets (modeling, monitoring, satellite, ground-reported) related to fire, smoke and air quality into a central repository for aggregation and distillation into meaningful formats and messages for a variety of end users including the public; (3) reaches out to end users through training and outreach and creates a User Needs Group to help guide the messaging and products; (4) creates an Interagency Advisory Board to oversee the project, create a collective vision for moving an official U.S. Smoke Hazard Warning System forward, and ensure that various agency policies and regulatory needs are met; (5) enhances existing operational outlets of air quality hazard information (the EPAs AirNow Smoke Page and EnviroFlash notification system) to form the initial outlets of this official Smoke Hazard Warning System; (6) creates a novel new outlet in the form a smartphone / tablet app that includes a visual range assessment tool; and (7) enables future outlets through data sharing application programming interfaces (APIs) and a modularly expandable backbone infrastructure. A major strength of this proposal is the project team which draws from the many operational and research communities dealing with smoke including operational modelers (the National Weather Services Operational Air Quality Forecasting lead), air quality experts and outlets (the Environmental Protection Agency's AirNow lead and Air Quality Index lead), land management and incident support specialists (the National Park Service's Smoke lead and Air Resource Advisors from the new interagency Incident Air Quality Response Program), hazard warning system experts (NOAA's Hazard Mapping System fire and smoke lead), public health experts (from the Centers for Disease Control as well as the EPA and local public health agencies), and researchers at the forefront of smoke predictions and tools (U.S. Forest Service AirFire Team).

Principal Investigator: Narasimhan K. Larkin

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PNW-AirFire Research Team

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Vi T. Ta

Forest Service

PNW-Pacific Northwest Research Station

Budget Contact

Phillip A. Won

Forest Service

PNW-Pacific Northwest Research Station

Co-Principal Investigator

Mark J. Fitch

NPS-National Park Service

NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center

Co-Principal Investigator

Paul L. Garbe

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch

Co-Principal Investigator

Susan M. O’Neill

Forest Service

PNW-AirFire Research Team

Co-Principal Investigator

Janice L. Peterson

Forest Service

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Co-Principal Investigator

Miriam L. Rorig

Forest Service

PNW-Pacific Northwest Research Station

Co-Principal Investigator

Mark G. Ruminski

NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


Co-Principal Investigator

Ivanka Stajner

NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

National Weather Service-Headquarters

Co-Principal Investigator

Susan L. Stone

EPA-Environmental Protection Agency

Ambient Standards Group

Co-Principal Investigator

John E. White

EPA-Environmental Protection Agency

Air Quality Planning & Standards

Funding Cooperator

Narasimhan K. Larkin

Forest Service

PNW-AirFire Research Team

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network




Great Basin

Great Plains

Lake States

Oak Woodlands

Northern Rockies




Southern Rockies




North Atlantic







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