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Project ID: 13-2-01-4

Year: 2013

Date Started: 07/01/2013

Date Completed: 06/10/2014

Title: The Great Basin Consortium 3: A Landscape Under Fire

Project Proposal Abstract: The Great Basin Consortium is an established group of partners who meet annually to coordinate and collaborate on science delivery to achieve sustainable and resilient Great Basin ecosystems and human communities. The proposed conference will utilize the third Great Basin Consortium Conference to bring together a wide range of resource managers, fire science practitioners and scientists in a context that provides for information sharing, synergistic interaction, and new and creative ways of collaborating to address the major threats to the Great Basin. Wildfire is changing the nature of the Great Basin on an unprecedented scale; burning 3.3 million acres in 2012 alone. The Great Basin is North Americas largest desert encompassing 135 million acres, nearly 75% of which is managed by federal and state programs. We propose to utilize the Consortium to build a network of practitioners in the Great Basin who work across geopolitical boundaries to: " Share information on existing collaborations and programs. " Build awareness and understanding of the diversity of approaches to catalyze, enable and sustain large-landscape conservation initiatives. " Develop skills and acquire tools; including the capacity to identify leaders, convene diverse people across political and jurisdictional boundaries, formulate and assess future scenarios, and monitor and evaluate progress. " Share experiences and learn from one another. " Document what is and isnt working and why. " Promote innovation. " Strengthen linkages among initiatives/programs to provide the building blocks for coordination and integration of these separate efforts.

Principal Investigator: Michael W. Collopy

Agency/Organization: University of Nevada-Reno

Branch or Dept: Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Science

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Shelley L Chase

University of Nevada-Reno

Office of Sponsored Projects

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Shelley L Chase

University of Nevada-Reno

Office of Sponsored Projects

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Great Basin






Interior West


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