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Project ID: 14-5-01-7

Year: 2014

Date Started: 10/01/2014

Ending Date:  09/30/2018

Title: Evaluating the Economic Returns of Fuel Treatments at Multiple Spatial Scales: Accounting for Treatment Timing, Method, and Ecological Conditions

Project Proposal Abstract: The proposed project addresses the task statement Fuel Treatment Effectiveness: Landscape-level and Programmatic Economics from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) project announcement FA-FON0014-0005. The project uses simulation methods to analyze long-run reductions in wildfire suppression and post-fire rehabilitation costs associated with fuels treatments in the Southern Colorado Plateau region in the Southwestern United States. The analysis will investigate economic benefits and costs of fuel treatments at multiple spatial scales, including at the ecosystem, watershed, and regional levels. Project researchers will coordinate with U.S. Forest Service managers to ensure the research output will provide decision-support for land managers developing watershed-level fuel treatment strategies, with Agricultural Research Service scientists to ensure that the research output complements on-going work using the Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment (AGWA) tool, and with the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Knowledge Exchange Network to ensure that research results are widely disseminated to reach relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.

Principal Investigator: Kimberly S. Rollins

Agency/Organization: University of Nevada-Reno

Branch or Dept: Department of Economics

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Karen A. Smith

University of Nevada-Reno

Office of Sponsored Projects

Budget Contact

Karen A. Smith

University of Nevada-Reno

Office of Sponsored Projects

Co-Principal Investigator

Laine S. Christman

University of Nevada-Reno

Department of Economics

Co-Principal Investigator

Andrew J. Sanchez Meador

Northern Arizona University

School of Forestry

Co-Principal Investigator

Michael H. Taylor

University of Nevada-Reno

Department of Economics


Thomas J. Clifford

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

Boise District Office


David C. Goodrich

ARS-Agricultural Research Service

SWRC-Southwest Watershed Research Center

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network

Great Basin

Southern Rockies







Interior West


Project Deliverables

There is no final report available for this project.
There are no deliverables available for this project.

Supporting Documents

There are no supporting documents available for this project.

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