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Project ID: 14-S-01-01

Year: 2014

Date Started: 03/01/2014

Date Completed: 09/01/2016

Title: Incorporating Ecological Sites into the Rangeland Vegetation Simulator

Project Proposal Abstract: There is a clear need for decision support systems that inform rangeland management strategies to reduce fire hazard and maintain ecological integrity. The RVS is improving that capability but offers outdated depictions of vegetation dynamics (BpS successional models). Ecological Sites offer a better system for evaluating the effects of management actions and climate but supporting ecological information is not digital and therefore of limited value for landscape level analyses. Thus, a process is needed that will digitize STMs and make them available to managers and scientists for understanding consequences of management actions. Digitizing STMs for selected Ecological Sites and fusing the resulting databases into the RVS yields three overarching benefits: * An estimate of the level of effort require to operationally digitize and interpret all Ecological Sites for coterminous U.S. rangelands. * Enhance a decision support tool (the RVS) enabling land management agencies to more accurately describe post-management successional dynamics, including a rich suite of fuelbed characteristics. * Produce quantitative, defensible estimates of the probability of management scenarios producing alternate vegetative states, fuel beds and associated fire behaviors and goods and services.

Principal Investigator: Matt C. Reeves

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: RMRS-Rocky Mountain Research Station

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