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Project ID: 12-2-01-35

Year: 2012

Date Started: 09/01/2012

Date Completed: 09/30/2015

Title: Minimizing Social and Economic Impacts of Increased Post-Fire Debris-Flow Occurence, Including Climate Change Effects

Project Proposal Abstract: Debris flows are often one of the most hazardous consequences of wildfires in the urban/wildland interface. Damages include destroyed houses and buildings, blocked and washed out roads, loss of land access, degradation of habitat and water quality, as well as loss of human life, as evidenced by recent flows following wildfires in Arizona (2010) and California (2003). As global climate change results in longer fire seasons, with more frequent and larger fires (Westerling et al., 2006), debris flows and floods in burned areas will increase in frequency (Cannon and DeGraff, 2009). As debris-flow impacts continue to increase in the future, better quantitative tools need to be developed to assist land managers in making decisions to optimize resources and best protect elements and people at risk. A linkage between natural hazards and social science models has never been done for debris flows in burned areas, and this feedback and decision-making framework can serve as a template for other natural hazards such as erosion, floods, or landslides.

Principal Investigator: Steffen Rebennack

Agency/Organization: Colorado School of Mines

Branch or Dept: Division of Economics & Business

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Michele A. Land

Colorado School of Mines

Research Administration

Budget Contact

Barbara A. Schneider

Colorado School of Mines

Department of Geology & Geological Engineering

Co-Principal Investigator

Susan H. Cannon

USGS-Geological Survey

Geologic Hazards Team-CO School of Mines

Co-Principal Investigator

Daniel T. Kaffine

Colorado School of Mines

Division of Economics & Business

Co-Principal Investigator

Paul M. Santi

Colorado School of Mines

Department of Geology & Geological Engineering

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network


Southern Rockies







Interior West



Pacific Coast States


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