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Project ID: 12-5-01-18

Year: 2013

Date Started: 12/15/2012

Date Completed: 04/30/2014

Title: International Fire Smoke Symposium

Project Proposal Abstract: The International Fire Smoke Symposium is proposed for the fall of 2013 and will be co-presented by The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) and the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Smoke Committee (SmoC). The purpose of this conference is to convene air quality, fire, and smoke specialists from the research community, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local/state/federal government agencies and tribes to discuss the state-of-the-science and state-of-the-applied-science for smoke management and addressing the air quality impacts of wildland fire smoke. The symposium aims to address a variety of wildland smoke related issues, through topics that relate to methods for tracking, modeling and inventory, social implications, climate implications, current and future research needs, and practical field management techniques. The vision for the symposium complements the JFSP Smoke Science Plans (SSP) four research themes and is intended to meld fire science with air quality science in order to make progress towards balancing air quality concerns with use of fire in land management and perpetuation of a sustainable environment. The conference planning team is targeting several partners and sponsors within regional and national government and private organizations. The planning team is confident that there are several willing partners within their strong and diverse network of constituents. The cohesive and diverse conference planning team has extensive experience managing conferences and is representative of a variety of agencies and organizations, both government and private. The planning team will recruit stellar presenters from the field of smoke management and will seek contributed oral and poster presentations on any aspect of JFSPs four research themes, along with operational experiences related to the conference themes. These will fuel an agenda that includes concurrent and non-concurrent presentations, plenary sessions, small workgroups, posters and exhibits. Posters and presentations will fall into the following identified topic areas: § Emissions Inventory Research and Application § Fire and Smoke Model Validation § Smoke and Populations § Climate Change § Smoke Management The conference will also include a virtual component, in order to expand attendance and include individuals who cannot travel to the conference, as well as support active connection with our audience year-round. To comply with IAWFs conference standards, the symposium will incorporate a proven evaluation component and green initiatives. The conference planning team is prepared to provide deliverables that include a participant list, program booklet and record of presentations with conference generated initiatives in a timely fashion post-conference

Principal Investigator: Mikel L. Robinson

Agency/Organization: IAWF-International Association of Wildland Fire

Branch or Dept: Missoula MT Office

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Mikel L. Robinson

IAWF-International Association of Wildland Fire

Missoula MT Office

Budget Contact

Mikel L. Robinson

IAWF-International Association of Wildland Fire

Missoula MT Office

Funding Cooperator

Mark J. Fitch

NPS-National Park Service

NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center

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Fire Science Exchange Network







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