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Project ID: 12-4-01-8

Year: 2012

Date Started: 06/01/2012

Date Completed: 07/03/2014

Title: Archival of Post-Mountain Pine Beetle Fuels and Fire Behavior Data of South-Central Oregon

Project Proposal Abstract: We have recently completed year 2 of a 3 year project funded by the Joint Fire Science Program titled Temporal Dynamics of Ground, Surface, Ladder, and Crown Fuels and Their Potential Effects on Fire Behavior, Following Dendroctonus ponderosae epidemics in the Pinus contorta Zone of South-Central Oregon. Data collection has been completed and we are currently moving forward with data processing prior to statistical analysis and modeling. Announcement for Proposals # 12-4 Task 1, would provide our project additional support to document and create the appropriate metadata, and ensure data is appropriately archived into repositories such as the Forest Service Research Data Archive (FSRDA) and the Forest Science Databank (FSDB) at Oregon State University. This project will result in non-spatial datasets containing surface and crown fuel loadings and structural measures following mountain pine beetle epidemics in south-central Oregon, as well as point-based fire behavior measures (e.g., rate of spread for surface and crown fire) output from BehaePlus 5.0. In addition, we plan to archive spatial datasets including data for fuels across example landscapes in south-central Oregon used for spatial fire behavior modeling and analysis in FlamMap 3.0. The documentation and archiving of fuels data from south-central Oregon will be extremely useful to managers on both the Deschutes and Fremont-Winema National Forests. Datasets of both the spatial inputs and fire behavior outputs from these modeling efforts may be used for future research comparisons with results from previous and current studies across western North America, as well as future meta-analyses of post-mountain pine beetle fuels, fire behavior, and forest succession. Therefore, documentation and archival of information obtained through our current project is relevant to many future activities both locally and across multiple research and management communities.

Principal Investigator: David C. Shaw

Agency/Organization: Oregon State University

Branch or Dept: Forest Resources

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Branch or Dept

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Patricia A. Hawk

Oregon State University

Office of Sponsored Programs

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Patricia A. Hawk

Oregon State University

Office of Sponsored Programs

Co-Principal Investigator

Stephen A. Fitzgerald

Oregon State University

Extension Forestry Program

Co-Principal Investigator

Travis J. Woolley

Oregon State University

Forest Resources

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Fire Science Exchange Network







Pacific Coast States


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