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Project ID: 12-S-01-1

Year: 2012

Date Started: 10/01/2012

Date Completed: 09/16/2013

Title: Archival of Eastern U.S. Fire Scar History Data

Project Proposal Abstract: Through Joint Fire Science Program funding (Project #06-3-1-16, period: 2006-2010, PI: Richard Guyette) twelve new fire history records were developed throughout the eastern U.S. in regions where no fire scar history data previously existed (Table 1). Fire event chronologies that extend into pre-EuroAmerican time periods (300+ years before present) were developed at sites located in Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The outcome of this work included a final report (Guyette et al. 2010), one published peer-reviewed journal article (Stambaugh et al. 2011), a thesis (Bale 2009), and several JFSP science notes. One additional scientific manuscript is in review (Guyette et al. in review) and three manuscripts are in preparation. Although the project has concluded the physical specimens, data, and metadata have not been properly stored or permanently archived. The objective of this project is to properly archive the data (fire scar event chronologies, tree-ring chronologies) and metadata in a publicly accessible site.

Principal Investigator: Michael C. Stambaugh

Agency/Organization: University of Missouri-Columbia

Branch or Dept: Forestry

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Elizabeth O. Bent

University of Missouri-Columbia

College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

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Elizabeth O. Bent

University of Missouri-Columbia

College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

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Fire Science Exchange Network


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