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Project ID: 14-4-01-1

Year: 2014

Date Started: 01/01/2014

Ending Date:  09/30/2018

Title: North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange

Project Proposal Abstract: The proposed North Atlantic Fire Science Consortium (NAFSC) will become the central hub for fire science knowledge exchange in the North Atlantic Region and catalyze interactions between wildland fire managers, policy makers, landowners, and scientists. Fire and forest management activities in the North Atlantic, including parts of the mid-Atlantic United States, the northeastern United States, and southeastern Canada, are complicated by dense populations and a uniquely challenging web of land ownerships, management organizations, political boundaries, fragmented ecosystems, and inconsistent regulations. While opportunities for science-based fire management in the region have expanded greatly over the last 30 years, the need has grown for a consortium that will link management agencies with researchers. The proposed NAFSC will: 1) Catalyze: Catalyze collaboration between scientists and land managers, emphasizing the interactive roles that both play in developing and applying sound science to achieve positive management outcomes; 2) Innovate: Collaboratively determine innovative solutions focused on the regions unique science and management challenges; 3) Synthesize: Consolidate existing research for land managers through the internet, workshops, training sessions, and other outlets while adapting applicable science in the NAFSC region from other geographic areas; and 4) Communicate: Become the cohesive outlet for regional fire science communication and delivery, facilitating the flow of information on science and management needs. A strength of the NAFSC is the broad diversity of partnerships that have been developed, as evidenced by the dozens of endorsements from end-user organizations indicating their perception of need and willingness to participate actively in the NAFSC. As proposed, the NAFSC will meet participant, stakeholder, and end-user needs as an inclusive hub for the exchange of fire science information in the North Atlantic region.

Principal Investigator: Nicholas S. Skowronski

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: NRS-Northern Research Station

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Jay R. Berg Jr.

Forest Service

NRS-Northern Research Station

Budget Contact

Terry R. Gross

Forest Service

NRS-Northern Research Station

Co-Principal Investigator

Inga P. La Puma

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Co-Principal Investigator

Erin D. Lane

Forest Service

White Mountain National Forest

Co-Principal Investigator

Amanda M. Mahaffey

Forest Guild

Northeast Region


Debra JS Dietzman

Forest Service

NRS-Northern Research Station


Thomas G. Parent

Northeast Forest Fire Protection Compact


William A. Patterson III

University of Massachusetts

Department of Environmental Conservation

Funding Cooperator

Nicholas S. Skowronski

Forest Service

NRS-Northern Research Station

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network









Project Deliverables

There is no final report available for this project.
There are no deliverables available for this project.

Supporting Documents

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