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Project ID: 13-4-01-12

Year: 2013

Date Started: 10/01/2013

Ending Date:  12/01/2014

Title: Big Creek Long Term Monitoring Project: Bringing 25 Years of Monitoring Effects of Wildfire on Streams into the Information Age

Project Proposal Abstract: For the past 25 years a suite of streams along Big Creek, the largest tributary of the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idahos Frank Church River of no Return Wilderness (Fig. 1), have been monitored annually with the principal aim of tracking dynamics in physical and biological metrics associated with wildfire. In this timeframe, these six tributary watersheds and the main stem of Big Creek have experienced wildfires of varying. In fact, as of 1988 all of the watersheds were considered unburned (i.e., no major fires in the past 50-100 years), but since then every site has experienced wildfire, and one has even had three fires! Though pre-post fire comparative studies are generally rare, this represents a case in which such data exist for all seven of these wilderness sites, making the dataset unique in both its longevity and its content. These data have been carefully maintained over the years, and a few of the data types have been translated into modern database formats, used for analyses (e.g., see Fig. 2) and archived for broader use. Here we request support that will help bring the balance of this valuable dataset into the information age so that it may serve a wide variety of usesparticularly in improving understanding of the short to long-term effects of wildfire.

Principal Investigator: Colden V. Baxter

Agency/Organization: Idaho State University

Branch or Dept: Department of Biological Sciences

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Agreements Contact

Dave B. Harris

Idaho State University

Office of Sponsored Programs

Budget Contact

Dave B. Harris

Idaho State University

Office of Sponsored Programs

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Northern Rockies








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