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Project ID: 05-2-1-70

Year: 2005

Date Started: 05/10/2005

Date Completed: 06/12/2007

Title: Comparison of Live Fuel Moisture Sampling Methods for Big Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata spp.) in Utah

Project Proposal Abstract: Live fuel moisture (LFM) has been identified by managers as well as the scientific literature as a key driver of fire behavior in fuel types dominated by live vegetation (i.e., shrublands). Recognizing this, fire managers in Utah use LFM values as a factor in making both tactical and strategic decisions in fire suppression and prescribed burning. Current methods to quantify LFM through field sampling have been based on publications developed for fuel types that are very different than those found in the Great Basin. No research has been conducted regarding the most appropriate procedures to follow to obtain accurate and comparable LFM results for sagebrush fuel types. This proposed research aims to improve local knowledge by determining the most appropriate sampling procedures for assessing LFM in Utah's sagebrush (AFP 2005-2). This will involve analyzing how variability in data collection affects LFM values and recommending a methodology. Sampling methods suggested in the literature as well as those most commonly utilized by field technicians will be compared and statistically analyzed to detect significant differences in resultant LFM values. In addition, final values from each method will be run through the National Fire Danger Rating System to determine if there are differences in fire danger indices and staffing levels using various collection methods. By developing scientifically-sound, standardized methods fire managers will benefit from improved accuracy and comparability of LFM values. Finalized sampling protocols will be published and disseminated to fire and fuels technicians and managers throughout the Great Basin, and field training on the procedures will be accomplished across Utah.

Principal Investigator: Philip N. Omi

Agency/Organization: Omi Associates

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Jolie Pollet

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

Utah State Office

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Great Basin

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  ID Type Title
    1728 Training Session  
    1729 Poster IAWF 2nd Fuels and Fire Behavior Conference
    2801 Poster 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Conference

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