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Project ID: 04-S-02

Year: 2004

Date Started: 08/30/2004

Date Completed: 09/13/2007

Title: Supplement to the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study: Interdisciplinary and Multi-Site Analysis

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal seeks supplemental funding for the Fire and Fire Surrogate (FFS) Study, for the purpose of interdisciplinary and multi-site analyses. Initial funding for the FFS study was provided by the JFSP in March 2000, and has allowed full treatment implementation and data collection for 9 of the original 11 sites to date. By the end of this calendar year, we anticipate that a tenth site will have fully implemented treatments, in addition to one year of post-treatment data collection. Including the two sites funded by the National Fire Plan, this means that FFS personnel will soon have access to a data set of 12 completed and nearly identical fire and fire surrogate experiments nationwide. With a national database designed to have the capacity to allow any possible query of these data, we are ready for an unprecedented period of analysis, during which time we can answer a wide range of questions on how forest systems across the country respond to alternative fuel reduction treatments. The need for additional funding for analysis stems from the fact that little analysis funding was requested in the original proposal, and also from the realization that the task of analysis is far more challenging than we had previously imagined. We have succeeded remarkably well during the treatment implementation phase of the FFS project. We now believe that in order to fully succeed in the analysis phase, supplemental funding is needed. This proposal asks for funding to support a few key personnel, training in analysis for these personnel and key FFS team members, and consulting work provided by statisticians. Training is needed for several statistical techniques that will be used in the analysis phase, including meta-analysis, multivariate analysis, and structural equation modeling. These analyses will allow us to take full advantage of the unique interdisciplinary and multi-site design offered by the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study, and will allow us to provide the highest quality information to managers in forest systems nationwide.

Principal Investigator: Andrew Youngblood

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PNW-Forestry & Range Sciences Lab-LaGrande

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

James D. McIver

Oregon State University

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center

Federal Cooperator

Andrew Youngblood

Forest Service

PNW-Forestry & Range Sciences Lab-LaGrande

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Fire Science Exchange Network

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    1110 Government Publication Making Fire and Fire Surrogate Science Available: A Summary of Regional Workshops With Clients
    1111 Government Publication The Fire Environment--Innovations, Management, and Policy; Conference Proceedings
    1112 Government Publication Fire Performance in Traditional Silvicultural and Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments in Sierran Mixed-Conifer Forests: A Brief Summary
    3117 Journal Article Small Mammals and Forest Fuel Reduction: National-Scale Responses to Fire and Fire surrogates
    1670 Invited Paper/Presentation Multi-Disciplinary Effects of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments in Ponderosa Pine Forests in Montana
    1671 Invited Paper/Presentation Simulated Wildfire Performance of the Western US Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments
    1672 Invited Paper/Presentation Network Stratification, Meta-Analytical Methods, and Soil Microbial Community Responses
    1673 Invited Paper/Presentation Soil Physical and Chemical Responses to Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments
    1674 Invited Paper/Presentation Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics of Soils, Forest Floor, and Woody Debris Following Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments
    1675 Invited Paper/Presentation Small Mammal Responses to Forest Fuel Reduction: National-Scale Results from the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study
    1676 Invited Paper/Presentation The Effects of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments on Avian Nest Survival
    1677 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    1678 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    1679 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    1680 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
  go to website 1684 Dataset (including spatial)  
  go to website 1685 Website  
    1730 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire and Fire Surrogate Fuels Treatments in Ponderosa Pine Forests and Their Effectiveness Across the West
    1732 Invited Paper/Presentation Interactions of Bark Beetles and Tree Mortality in Mixed Conifer Forests at Sequoia National Park
    2260 Invited Paper/Presentation Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-Fir Mortality After Fuel Reduction and Restoration Treatments in Northeastern Oregon
    2261 Invited Paper/Presentation Tree Mortality Pattens Following Replicated Prescribed Fires in Mixed Conifer Forest
    2289 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    2292 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    2293 Invited Paper/Presentation Introduction to the National Fire and Fire Surrogate Study
    2297 Invited Paper/Presentation Multi-Site Vegetation Responses to Fuels Treatments
    2301 Invited Paper/Presentation Delayed Mortality of Eastern Hardwoods--A Function of Fire Behavior, Site, or Pathology?
    2323 Invited Paper/Presentation Social Responses to Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments in the Central Sierra Nevada, California
    6903 Invited Paper/Presentation Bark Beetle Responses to Burning and Thinning Treatments of the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study, A Multi-Site Approach
    5445 Invited Paper/Presentation Cost and Productivity Analysis of Mechanical and Burn Treatments to Remove Biomass on FFS Sites

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