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Project ID: 04-2-1-71

Year: 2004

Date Started: 08/30/2004

Date Completed: 09/27/2007

Title: Quality Assurance of Weather Data and the Probability of Favorable Weather for Prescribed Fire in Alaska

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal is in response to the Joint Fire Science Program's Announcement for Proposals 2004-2, Task 1, directly address[ing] local knowledge gaps associated with planning and implementation of fuels treatment that are specifically identified by an agency administrator. At the request of the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG), as and the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry Northern Region, we will correct data availability and quality assurance problems surrounding the Alaskan Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) and other weather station data, as well as the lack of prescribed fire and forecast tools associated with the lack of quality assured weather station data. The sum total of this work will not only directly benefit Alaska, but will also provide a suite of tools that can be distributed to provide benefits in other locations.

Principal Investigator: Narasimhan K. Larkin

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PNW-AirFire Research Team

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Sharon C. Alden

NPS-National Park Service

GACC-AICC-Alaska Fire Service

Co-Principal Investigator

Martha D. Shulski

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

AK Climate Research Center

Federal Cooperator

Narasimhan K. Larkin

Forest Service

PNW-AirFire Research Team

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network


There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    2775 Poster Quality Assurance of Alaskan Weather Station Data
  go to website 3033 Dataset (including spatial)  
  go to website 3035 Website Beta website in testing for data access to Alaskan Weather Station Data. Data access is currently password protected.
  go to website 3036 Website  
    3285 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Alaska’s Exceptional 2004 Fire Season
    2549 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Alaska’s Exceptional 2004 Fire Season
    5251 Poster Quality Assurance of Alaskan Weather Station Data
    4142 Invited Paper/Presentation Alaska’s Exceptional 2004 Fire Season
    4143 Invited Paper/Presentation Contributions to Improve National and Regional Predictive Services
    4144 Invited Paper/Presentation BlueSky and FCAMMS Research
    4145 Invited Paper/Presentation AirFire Research
    4146 Invited Paper/Presentation What is the Value of Climate Information for Smoke Management?
    4147 Invited Paper/Presentation Research at the AirFire Team: Air Quality Forecasting, Fire Weather, and Climate
    4148 Invited Paper/Presentation Climate Research at AirFire
    5773 Invited Paper/Presentation AirFire Research
    5428 Invited Paper/Presentation Quality Assurance of Alaskan Weather Observations

Supporting Documents

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