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Project ID: 04-2-1-96

Year: 2004

Date Started: 05/06/2004

Date Completed: 09/14/2007

Title: Refinement and Development of Fire Management Decision Support Models Through Field Assessment of Relationships Between Stand Characteristics, Fire Behavior and Burn Severity

Project Proposal Abstract: The Alaska Interagency Fire Management Plan promulgates policy objectives that recognize the ecological importance of perpetuating natural fire regimes. The same policy also directs land managers to balance the protection of ecological principles with appropriate risk management to protect anthropogenic values susceptible to fire. Fire management in Alaska needs the ability to predict fire behavior and to understand successional trends of fuel characteristics in relation to flammability in order to achieve policy objectives. This research aims to improve these two knowledge gaps that exist in Alaska (AFP 2004-2 Task #1 with linkages to AFP-2004-1 Task #1). The first objective of this research is to develop a flammability curve model for black spruce boreal forest types using currently available datasets of seral stage stand characteristics and appropriate fuel attributes followed by testing this curve with data collected from wildfire and prescribed fire events. This process will serve land management agencies well in creating long-term natural resource management plans that balance ecological and social needs by providing a faster, reliable method of defining fuel hazards at a landscape scale. The second objective of this research is to assess two black spruce fuel type fuel model inputs for decision support models widely used in Alaska through direct field measurements of fire behavior. This objective will add an additional degree of confidence to the application of these models and any discrepancies between actual fire behavior and model predictions will be used to recommend specific changes to improve the model's application in the Alaskan black spruce boreal forest type. Data obtained from fire events are unique and will have broader potential applications for improving a host of forest simulation models used for boreal forests. This project will realize significant cost savings by merging data collection efforts with Roger Ottmar's current JFSP project (AFP 2003-2 Task #1). Products will be distributed through web page dissemination, published materials and workshops with Alaska fire and land managers.

Principal Investigator: Ann E. Camp

Agency/Organization: Yale University

Branch or Dept: Forestry & Environmental Studies

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Philip N. Omi

Omi Associates

Federal Cooperator

Randi R. Jandt

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

International Arctic Research Center

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Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
  go to website 1752 Website Electronic Posting of Data and Project Summaries
    1753 Invited Paper/Presentation Presentation of Flammability Curve--2nd Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference
    1756 Dataset (including spatial) Dataset of Abiotic Characteristics Surrounding Fire Events
view or print   1757 Invited Paper/Presentation Does Fire Behavior Change With Stand Age in Black Spruce Forests of Interior Alaska?
    1758 Dataset (including spatial) Complete Dataset From Each Research Plot Provided to Land Managers
    5181 Invited Paper/Presentation Presentation of Flammability Curve-AWFCG Fire Effects Task Group Meeting
    6011 Training Session Technology Transfer Session: Video-Based Fire Behavior Measurement in Alaska Black Spruce

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