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Project ID: 04-1-2-02

Year: 2004

Date Started: 08/30/2004

Date Completed: 04/27/2009

Title: Mapping and Analysis of Pre-Fire Fuels Loading and Burn Intensity Using Pre-Fire Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Combined With Burn Intensity Derived from Post-Fire Multispectural Imagery for the 2003 Southern CA Fires

Project Proposal Abstract: : In 2003 15 large fires consumed more than 750,000 acres in southern California. Coincidentally, a pre-fire, high-resolution interferometric radar dataset was collected in 2002/2003 by NOAA that covers most of the major burned areas from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border (~10 million acres). These data were collected with the GeoSAR interferometric synthetic aperture (IFSAR) radar system and are available from NOAA for analysis. Also, high-resolution multispectral imagery was flown over all major burned areas (~2 million acres) and used to produce burned area orthophotographs immediately after the fires. This post-fire imagery (along with BAER team fire intensity maps) is also available from ERSI / San Bernardino National Forest. In this project, we propose to: install and measure a limited number of vegetation field plots in unburned areas surrounding 3 major burned areas to augment existing national forest, CDF, FIA and NRI pre-fire inventory plot data; develop regression relationships between these ground plot vegetation data; use these regressions to map vegetation density, structure, and fuels throughout the burned and unburned areas of the 3 major fires; compare these vegetation density/structure maps with burned area assessment maps (vegetation mortality, soil severity) developed by the BAER program; conduct an analysis to determine if the IFSAR vegetation density/structure maps are well-correlated with the post-fire high-resolution multispectral orthophotography images and finally, make recommendations on whether or not it is desirable to process the entire NOAA IFSAR dataset to develop fuels maps throughout the 5 county area.

Principal Investigator: Robert J. McGaughey

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PNW-Seattle-Managing Natural Disturbances

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Hans-Erik Andersen

Forest Service

PNW-Forestry Sciences Lab-Anchorage

Federal Cooperator

Robert J. McGaughey

Forest Service

PNW-Seattle-Managing Natural Disturbances

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   76 Book Active Remote Sensing
view or print   65 Book Chapter 10: Evaluation of Laser Light Detection and Ranging Measurements in a Forested Area
view or print   902 Government Publication Estimating Canopy Fuel Parameters in a Pacific Northwest Conifer Forest Using Multifrequency Polarimetric IFSAR
view or print   1341 Government Publication Considerations for Planning, Acquiring, and Processing LIDAR Data for Forestry Applications
view or print   1342 Government Publication Forest Measurement and Monitoring Using High-Resolution Airborne LIDAR
view or print   1343 Government Publication Monitoring Forests at the Speed of Light
view or print   1344 Government Publication Estimating Forest Crown Fuel Variables Using LIDAR Data
view or print   1345 Government Publication Direct Measurement of Individual Tree Characteristics from LIDAR Data
view or print   1346 Government Publication LIDAR Applications in Forestry - An Overview
view or print   1367 Government Publication Assessing the Influence of Flight Parameters and Interferometric Processing on the Accuracy of X-Band IFSAR-Derived Forest Canopy Height Models
    1368 Government Publication The Use of High-Resolution Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Forest Measurement Applications
view or print   1393 Government Publication Chapter 3: Active Remote Sensing, from ’Computer Applications in Sustainable Forest Management’
view or print   1394 Government Publication Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR): An Emerging Tool for Multiple Resource Inventory
view or print   1395 Government Publication Estimating Forest Canopy Fuel Parameters Using LIDAR Data
view or print   1396 Government Publication Digital Forestry: A White Paper
view or print   1397 Government Publication Accuracy of a High-Resolution LIDAR Terrain Model Under a Conifer Forest Canopy
view or print   1402 Government Publication Estimating Forest Structure Parameters on Fort Lewis Military Reservation Using Airborne Laser Scanner (LIDAR) Data
view or print   1403 Government Publication Fusing LIDAR Data, Photographs, and Other Data Using 2D and 3D Visualization Techniques
view or print   2985 Journal Article International Journal of Remote Sensing
view or print   2291 Journal Article A Comparison of Forest Canopy Models Derived From LIDAR and INSAR Data in a Pacific Northwest Conifer Forest
view or print   2868 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing
view or print   266 MS Thesis Analysis of LIDAR-Derived Bare Ground Model Accuracy in Southern California Chaparral
    5248 Invited Paper/Presentation Keynote presentation to the Second Appalachian Remote Sensing Conference
view or print   4367 Book or Book Chapter Chapter 10: Evaluation of Laser Light Detection and Ranging Measurements in a Forested Area
  go to website 4253 Website Computer software for displaying and processing LIDAR and IFSAR data.
view or print   6751 Book or Book Chapter Active Remote Sensing

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