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Project ID: 03-2-3-01

Year: 2003

Date Started: 05/06/2003

Date Completed: 07/08/2005

Title: The Effects of Fire on Umpqua Gentain (Frasera Umpquaensis), a Rare Plant Species

Project Proposal Abstract: Umpqua.gentian (Frasera urnpquaensis) is a rare plant of gaps and forested habitats in western Oregon and northwestern California. The species occurs on five National Forests and two BLM Districts. Wildfires in 2002 burned several populations of this species on federal lands, including three populations that have been monitored annually since 1995. The presence of long-term pre-fire data on this species and associated forest canopy create the opportunity to detect changes in populations of this species associated with the 2002 Biscuit fire. The conservation Strategy for Urnpqua gentian, which represents an interagency agreement between USDA and USD1, recommends studies of this type to determine the response of this species to disturbance, but such studies have not been conducted to date, and no information on the effect of fire on this plant is available. We are requesting funds to collect post-fire data on this species at the study sites that were burned in 2002 to evaluate the effects of fire in general and local fire behavior in particular on Umpqua gentian. The results will be used to inform land managers and biologists of the response of the species to fire and the importance of controlling fire or using burns as a management tool, and to update the Conservation Strategy for the species. This proposal is for funds to support "rapid response" and fits under Task 3 of the AFP because extensive pre-fire data are available creating a unique and short-term opportunity to measure the effects of recent fires on this sensitive plant species of management concern.

Principal Investigator: Thomas N. Kaye

Agency/Organization: Institute for Applied Ecology

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Linda C. Mazzu

BLM-Bureau of Land Management

Medford District Office

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view or print   1069 Government Publication Effects of the Biscuit Fire on Frasera umpquaensis, a Rare Plant of Western Forests
    1070 Government Publication Effects of the Biscuit Fire on Frasera umpquaensis on the Medford District BLM
  go to website 42 Website  
    1377 Field Demonstration/Tour  
    5817 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Effects of the Biscuit Fire on Frasera umpquaensis; A Rare Plant of Western Forests

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