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Project ID: 03-2-3-18

Year: 2003

Date Started: 07/29/2003

Date Completed: 08/31/2006

Title: Using LIDAR to Identify Sediment and Forest Structure Change in the Hayman Burn, Colorado

Project Proposal Abstract: Small-footprint multiple-return Lidar data collected in the Cheesman fake property prior to the 2002 Hayman fire in Colorado provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate Lidar as a tool to predict and analyze fire effects on both soil erosion and overstory structure. Remeasuring this area and applying change detection techniques will allow analyses at a high resolution not possible before. Our primary objectives focus on the use of change detection techniques with pre- and post-fire small-footprint multiple-return Lidar data to: (1) evaluate the effectiveness of change detection to identify and quantify areas of erosion or deposition caused by post-fire rain events and rehab activities; (2) identify and quantify areas of biomass loss or forest structure change due to the Hayman fire; and (3) examine effects of pre-fire fuels and vegetation structure derived from Lidar data on patterns of burn severity. The proposed study will use existing Lidar and field data, and post-fire Lidar data in the same area.

Principal Investigator: Merrill R. Kaufmann

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Fort Collins

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Susan Greenlee

USGS-Geological Survey

EROS Data Center

Co-Principal Investigator

Jason M. Stoker

USGS-Geological Survey

EROS Data Center

Federal Cooperator

Merrill R. Kaufmann

Forest Service

RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Fort Collins

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network

Southern Rockies


There are no project locations identified for this project.

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  ID Type Title
  go to website 1042 Government Publication Cover of June PE&RS
    1005 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Using LIDAR to Identify Sediment and Forest Structure Change in the Hayman Burn, Colorado

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