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Project ID: 00-2-35

Year: 2001

Date Started: 04/24/2001

Date Completed: 07/29/2005

Title: Evaluation of Three Fuel Management Treatments for Eastern White Pine

Project Proposal Abstract: We propose to compare 3 fuel treatment prescriptions in the eastern white pine type of northern Wisconsin. The study will be conducted within the silvicultural system used by the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin, and on land owned by the Tribe. The white pine type of the Great Lakes region is considered fire dependent, but has been little studied. Re-introduction of fire is needed, but recent attempts by the Tribe have caused moderately extensive crown scorch and basal scarring. We will compare their "standard" mechanical treatment, a combined mechanical + fire treatment, and a fire only treatment. We imbedded within this basic design a test of the effect of litter removal and amount of canopy cover. With this arrangement, we anticipate being able to determine the appropriate fire prescription for this pinetype, and to determine why low intensity fire has harmed many overstory pine. The effects of the treatments on fuel loading by fuel type and size class, understory vegetation, seedling regeneration, overstory pine fine root mortality, water infiltration rate, and nitrogen availability will be assessed. Fire behavior (intensity, rate of spread, heat profile above ground, heat penetration) will be monitored intensively to establish the link between the prescription and specific fire effects.

Principal Investigator: James Cook

Agency/Organization: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Branch or Dept: College of Natural Resources

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

David Clive

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

College of Natural Resources

Co-Principal Investigator

Richard Geesey

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

College of Natural Resources

Federal Cooperator

Sean Hart

BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs

Midwest Region Office

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Fire Science Exchange Network

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  ID Type Title
    2440 Journal Article Journal articles in scientific journals.
    2801 Journal Article Treatment Effects on Seedling Density and Composition in Eastern White Stands
    222 MS Thesis Understory Abundance, Richness and Diversity: An Assessment of Abiotic and Biotic Factors Influencing Understory Vegetation in Managed White Pine Forests of Northeastern Wisconsin (B. Galbraith)
    621 Conference/Symposia/Workshop On-site field seminars and tours.
    624 Conference/Symposia/Workshop At least two presentations at various conferences.
    2598 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Low-Intensity Fire Effects on the Vegetation of Mature Eastern White Pine Forests on Mesic Sites in Northeastern Wisconsin

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