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Project ID: 00-2-33

Year: 2001

Date Started: 03/13/2001

Date Completed: 02/05/2007

Title: The Lick Creek Demonstration- Forest Renewal Through Partial Harvest and Fire

Project Proposal Abstract: Some silvicultural practices of the 1960's and 1970's on the Pomeroy Ranger District, Umatilla National Forest, have produced examples of forest conditions resulting in poor timber yield, deteriorating elk habitat, and potentially subject to severe insect infestation, disease, and wildfire. Current stand management within the District has integrated partial harvest and prescribed fire to create stand structures that are more conducive to improved forest health. This has been accomplished through suppression of competitive tree species, opening of stand canopies to improve elk and wildlife habitat, and selection of tree composition to increase resiliency of stands to insects, wildfire, and disease. To demonstrate this management strategy to the public, a unit within the Lick Creek drainage on the Pomeroy Ranger District has been chosen for development of examples of how partial harvest and prescribed fire can create more desirable forest conditions. Treatments will be applied over contiguous units representing two current stand conditions - (1) dense, successionally advanced stand dominated by shade tolerant species and heavy surface fuel loadings, (2) more open, heavily logged area with shade tolerant species still in the subcanopy and lighter surface fuel loadings. Four treatments will be installed in each stand condition: (1) a control (no harvest, burn), (2) prescribed fire without tree harvest, (3) maximum thinning from below with whole tree removal, followed by prescribed fire, and (4) maximum thinning from below with commercial log removal only, followed by prescribed fire, The units will be inventoried prior to harvest and fire, then monitored following installment of treatments for the duration of the project. Monitoring will include tree stand development, understory response, wildlife use, erosion occurrence, and soil chemical and physical status. Economic analyses will be made of comparative timber value derived from each treatment and the economics of the harvest procedures. The area will be developed to allow the public to view the various treatment units by road and trail with signing and posting of project informati n and current status of the forest.

Principal Investigator: Benjamin Zamora

Agency/Organization: Washington State University-Pullman

Branch or Dept: Department of Natural Resource Sciences

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Branch or Dept

Federal Cooperator

Melinda S. Martin

Forest Service

Umatilla NF-Pomeroy Ranger District

Technical Contact

Craig R. Buskohl

Washington State University-Pullman

Department of Natural Resource Sciences

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network

Northern Rockies


There are no project locations identified for this project.

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view or print   968 Government Publication The Lick Creek Demonstration--Forest Renewal Through Partial Harvest and Fire
    1102 Poster Poster for outreach activities

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