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Project ID: 01B-3-1-01

Year: 2002

Date Started: 06/03/2002

Date Completed: 07/31/2006

Title: The Flomaton Natural Area: Demonstrating the Benefits of Fuel Management and the Risks of Fire Exclusion in an Old-Growth Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Project Proposal Abstract: Only a few fragments of remnant virgin, old growth longleaf pine stands remain in the Southeast, mostly hidden from view by the general public. One of the few remaining stands in private ownership (International Paper Corp.) is the Flomaton Natural Area; a 25 ha stand located in Escambia County, Alabama. The site is within the city of Flomaton and in close proximity to an interstate highway. Several landscape level longleaf restoration efforts are also underway on nearby public lands. The site is also within 40 miles of a longleaf experimental forest and a new Fire and Fire Surrogate study site, thus adding to visitor potential to this demo site. Though relatively small, this site provides an opportunity to local private (industrial and non-industrial) landowners and nearby state and federal managers to see the value of fire and fuel management in a fire adapted ecosystem. This stand of 200+ year-old trees was burned regularly up until 1950 when all burning and fuel management ceased. Since 1995, the careful application of four low intensity prescribed fires by cooperating partners has greatly reduced the years of unnatural fuel accumulations, and the associated risk of wildfire. The site has also been opened for the potential recovery of its understory structure and associated plant and wildlife components. The site response to fuel management treatments and the development of interpretative materials are needed to fully capitalize the value of this site.

Principal Investigator: John S. Kush

Agency/Organization: Auburn University

Branch or Dept: School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Ralph Meldahl

Auburn University

School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

Federal Cooperator

Charles McMahon

Forest Service

SRS-GW Andrew Forestry Sciences Lab

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Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
  go to website 988 Government Publication Interpretive guidebook for the site.
    1083 Government Publication Burn Slowly and Carry a Water Bag: Lessons Learned from Re-Introducing Fire to a Fire-Suppressed Longleaf Pine Stand
    1084 Government Publication Stand Dynamics of a Longleaf Pine Restoration Project
    3345 Journal Article A Regeneration Success: Longleaf Pine Seedlings Established in a Fire Suppressed Old-Growth Stand
    640 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Presentation at the 4th Regional Longleaf Alliance Conference.
  go to website 641 Field Demonstration/Tour Interpretive trail will be constructed. Signs will explain dynamics of the stand.
  go to website 643 Website Management Guidelines for Local Managers and Owners
    1495 Poster 2004 Ecological Society of America Meeting
    1496 Conference/Symposia/Workshop 13th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference
    1497 Invited Paper/Presentation 2005 Second Montane Longleaf Alliance Regional Conference
  go to website 1498 Website  
    1499 Poster 2003 JFSP Principal Investigator Workshop
    1500 Poster 2004 JFSP Principal Investigator Workshop

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