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Project ID: 01B-3-3-05

Year: 2002

Date Started: 05/30/2002

Date Completed: 08/07/2006

Title: Fuel Reduction Effects on a Key Sierra Food Web

Project Proposal Abstract: Fire fundamentally changes a forest's composition and function, yet we know little about its effects on food web structure. In the Sierra Nevada, forest management and fuel reduction policies have been directed to minimize impacts on the California spotted owl. This proposal examines the central food web affecting the owl and whether fire and mechanic fuel reduction have similar effects on its trophic structure. We will focus on the critical linkage common in most forest ecosystems between trees, mycorrb.izal fungi and the truffles they produce, and smaJ.l mammals. Changes in the structure of this food web directly affect the abundance of prey species that owls depend upon. We will determine small mammal density, and truffle biomass and composition in replicate plots before and after fuel reduction treatments, A nested study will concentrate on density, home range, movement patterns and diet of the truffle-dependent northern flying squirrel, the main prey of spotted owls. We will examine three hypotheses comparing the effects of fire and thinning on this trophic structure: a positive response to fire (the fIre hypothesis), similar response to thinning and fire (equivalency), and a disturbance- intensity determined response (intensity). This comparison can help determine how fuel reduction plans affect this food web and the status of a threatened species which is driving forest management in the Sierra Nevada.

Principal Investigator: Doug Kelt

Agency/Organization: University of California-Davis

Branch or Dept: Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Marc Meyer

Forest Service

PSW-Sierra Nevada Research Center


Dave McCandliss

Forest Service

Sierra NF-High Sierra Ranger District

Federal Cooperator

Malcolm P. North

Forest Service

PSW-Sierra Nevada Research Center

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   965 Government Publication Hypogeous Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Species on Roots and in Small Mammal Diet in a Mixed-Conifer Forest
view or print   966 Government Publication Small Mammal and Truffle Response to Burning in Mixed-Conifer Forest
view or print   2791 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Zoology
view or print   2792 Journal Article Journal of Mammalogy
view or print   2793 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Forest Research
view or print   2794 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Botany
  go to website 730 Website All information will be posted on the Teakettle website.
    731 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Papers will be presented at scientific symposia and meetings.
    2081 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    2082 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    6682 Conference/Symposia/Workshop A General Technical Report will be submitted to the Sierra National Forest management.

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