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Project ID: 01B-3-2-01

Year: 2002

Date Started: 05/09/2002

Date Completed: 01/03/2007

Title: Impacts of Prescribed Burning on the Survival of Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa Pine in the Boise National Forest

Project Proposal Abstract: The exclusion of fire from forests that historically burned on a periodic basis has affected stand structure and forest health conditions on a landscape scale. Currently, stand replacing wildfires occur on our forests because of the build-up of large fuel loads. The National Fire Plan denotes the use of prescribed fire as a primary tool to reduce fuel loads in our National Forests. Many land managers are uncertain of the effects of prescribed fire on the overall health of the forests because of primary mortality directly attributed to fire and particularly to secondary mortality caused by bark beetles and other attacking insects. Our proposal addresses Task 2 by examining the impact of prescribed fire on tree mortality over a four-year period. We are establishing 1000 individual tree plots, of which 800 will be prescribed burned and 200 untreated as a control for comparison. Coarse woody debris, vegetation, litter, and duff are measured on each plot. Fire intensity and severity will be measured during prescribed burning with thermocouples and related to root mortality, bole char and crown scorch. ANOVA, regression and discriminant analysis will be used to correlate fuel consumed with fire intensity and subsequent tree mortality over a three-year post-burn period. The results will provide needed information to land managers who are asking similar questions throughout the Intermountain Region.

Principal Investigator: Robert Progar

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PNW-Forestry Sciences Lab-Corvallis

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Tammy Cook

Forest Service

Boise NF-Emmett Ranger District

Co-Principal Investigator

Kathy Geier-Hayes

Forest Service

Boise National Forest

Co-Principal Investigator

Russell T. Graham

Forest Service

RMRS-Forest and Woodlands Ecosystem Program

Co-Principal Investigator

Sharon M. Hood

University of Montana

Division of Biological Sciences

Co-Principal Investigator

Tom Jackson

Forest Service

Boise NF-Emmett Ranger District

Co-Principal Investigator

James J. Reardon

Forest Service

RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Co-Principal Investigator

Kevin C. Ryan

Forest Service

RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Federal Cooperator

Robert Progar

Forest Service

PNW-Forestry Sciences Lab-Corvallis

Federal Fiscal Representative

Doris Mackey

Forest Service

Region 4-Intermountain Region

Project Locations


Great Basin


There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
    975 Government Publication Internal Forest Service reports.
view or print   1000 Government Publication Summary of Events Related to the Danskin/Gallagher Fuels Reduction Prescribed Burn Project, Emmett Ranger District, Boise National Forest
view or print   170 MS Thesis Fire Effects on Fine Roots and Ectomycorrhizae of Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-Fir Following a Prescribed Burn in a Central Idaho Forest
view or print   571 Poster Impacts of Prescribed Burning on the Survival of Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa Pine in the Boise National Forest
view or print   583 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Data will be presented at professional meetings.
view or print   584 Poster Poster presentation of data at professional meetings.
    585 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Annual field day to be conducted inviting regional personnel to study sites.
view or print   920 Invited Paper/Presentation Impacts of Prescribed Burning on the Survival of Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa Pine in the Boise National Forest

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