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Project ID: 98-S-04

Year: 1999

Date Started: 01/05/1999

Date Completed: 07/26/2000

Title: A Survey of Public Attitudes and Behavior Toward Fuel Treatment Policies

Project Proposal Abstract: This project will compare attitudes, behavior and values toward fire and fuel treatment programs between residents exposed to recent and past fires in Florida, We want to test for differences in the support for fuel treatment programs, and the rate by which support varies with geographic proximity and immediacy of fire events. A statistical model to forecast the percent of the population that supports different fire management policies will be estimated as a function of fire experience and socio-demographic variables. As a proxy for cultural differences in public fire and fuels treatment perceptions we will compare survey data by ethnicity from White, African American and Hispanic households. Such information would be useful to fire managers in their fire safety education efforts. If we find only a temporary change in support for fuel treatment programs following fires and this support erodes rapidly, this suggest fire managers need to quickly capitalize on recent fires in establishing and implementing fuel treatment programs and defensible space programs. If significant differences by ethnicity are found this suggests that fire safety and education programs should be tailored to the different groups needs.

Principal Investigator: Douglas B. Rideout

Agency/Organization: Colorado State University

Branch or Dept: Department of Forest, Rangeland & Watershed Stewardship

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Donald B. K. English

Forest Service

SRS-Ctr for Forest Disturbance Science

Co-Principal Investigator

John B. Loomis

Colorado State University

Department of Agriculture & Resource Economics

Co-Principal Investigator

Philip N. Omi

Omi Associates

Co-Principal Investigator

Mark Poth

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

Federal Cooperator

Armando X. Gonzalez-Caban

Forest Service

PSW-Forest Fire Lab-Riverside

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Fire Science Exchange Network

There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
    1749 Government Publication Expanded Florida Fire Management Program: What Do You Think?
    1646 Government Publication Programa de Manejo de Fuegos de la Florida: Que Piensa Usted de Este Programa?

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