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Project ID: 99-1-3-06

Year: 1999

Date Started: 09/10/1999

Date Completed: 07/05/2005

Title: Mechanical Midstory Reduction Treatment: An Alternative to Prescribed Fire

Project Proposal Abstract: This project proposes to investigate the effects of using mechanical midstory reduction treatments in lieu of fire, or as a first step in re-introducing fire to an ecosystem. Mechanical treatments have been proposed as an alternative to prescribed fire in areas where concerns such as the urban interface, smoke management, and fuel build-up preclude the traditional use of prescribed fire. This study proposes to analyze the production rates and costs of two or more machines on a range of stands. The impacts of the use of these non-traditional machines for clearing the midstory will be studied through the analysis of stand damage, treated chip material size, and soil disturbance. In addition, the effects of this treatment on the amphibian and reptile community composition; vegetative community; and fuel quantity, quality and decay rate will be analyzed over the course of two years. Re-introduction of fire into the ecosystem will also be examined during the duration of the project.

Principal Investigator: Kenneth W. Outcalt

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: SRS-Ctr for Forest Disturbance Science

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Dale Brockway

Forest Service

SRS-GW Andrew Forestry Sciences Lab

Co-Principal Investigator

Craig D. Rudolph

Forest Service

SRS-Wildlife & Timber

Co-Principal Investigator

Robert B. Rummer

Forest Service

SRS-GW Andrew Forestry Sciences Lab

Federal Cooperator

Kenneth W. Outcalt

Forest Service

SRS-Ctr for Forest Disturbance Science

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