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Project ID: 00-2-19


Date Started: 02/06/2001

Date Completed: 01/30/2007

Title: Stand and Fuel Treatments for Restoring Old-Growth Ponderosa Pine Forests in the Interior West (Boise Basin Experimental Forest)

Project Proposal Abstract: Timber harvesting and fire exclusion have contributed to the decrease in the number of large, mature ponderosa pine growing in western forests. Large amounts of small pine and fir have developed in these forests. When fires do occur, they tend to be large, stand-replacing events damaging the soil resource, destroying wildlife habitat, and sometimes destroying property and lives. Eighty (80) acres of minimally disturbed old-growth ponderosa pine On the Boise Basin Experimental Forest (BBEF) will be thinned from below with the intent of enhancing and protecting the large, old ponderosa pine. Fuel treatments planned include: intensive utilization (fire wood), prescribed fire, and a control replicated 3 times in 8 acre units. Similar to most ponderosa pine forests excluded from fire, deep layers of duff have developed at the base of the large ponderosa pine. When this material burns it kills fine roots occupying these layers and damages cambial tissue increasing tree mortality. The four treatments planned to manage this material include: 1) A single bum during the spring in snow wells, 2) burns in two subsequent years in snow wells, 3) mixing the material and a spring burn, and 4) delaying burning for 2 years after harvest. Eight replications of each treatment and the control will be randomly chosen. The Boise National Forest will prepare the appropriate contracts and conduct/administer the treatments while the Rocky Mountain Research Station will implement the study with each entity funding all permanent salaries. Fire sciences funding will be used for temporary salaries, travel, supplies, and publication costs. This study is the first of a long-term commitment to test stand and fuel treatments on the BBEF in coming years. BEEF is only 37 miles from the National Interagency Fire Center. BBEF has been used for workshops and training opportunities provided by the Center in the past and this study will add to the range of demonstrations, sites and studies we can use.

Principal Investigator: Russell T. Graham

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: RMRS-Forest and Woodlands Ecosystem Program

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Theresa (Terrie) B. Jain

Forest Service

RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Moscow


Kathy Ramirez

Forest Service

Boise NF-Idaho City Ranger District


Barry Stern

Forest Service

Boise National Forest

Federal Cooperator

Russell T. Graham

Forest Service

RMRS-Forest and Woodlands Ecosystem Program

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Great Basin


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