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Project ID: 05-4-1-08

Year: 2005

Date Started: 08/11/2005

Date Completed: 11/13/2007

Title: Cross-Training Professionals on Reducing Property Loss at the Wildland-Urban Interface

Project Proposal Abstract: This project will refine the cross-training of professionals to apply current knowledge about wildland-urban interface property loss reduction. Written curriculum will be developed for one-day interdisciplinary workshops on wildfire property loss reduction, using existing materials that are adapted by local professionals and experienced national/regional experts (locals teaching locals). Workshops will be marketed and conducted for a cross-section of professionals, working through local professional associations to promote and provide certification or sponsorship for the training (locals recognizing local experts). Field projects to design and implement survivable space will give practical experience and demonstrate investments for reducing property loss due to wildfires, in cooperation with insurance agents and realtors (locals making local changes). Social marketing principles will be applied, using existing networks and alliances (professional associations) and locally-adapted versions of nationally-developed materials.

Principal Investigator: Anne S. Fege

Agency/Organization: Business & Ecology Consulting

Branch or Dept:

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Federal Cooperator

Andrew Yuen

FWS-Fish and Wildlife Service

Carlsbad F&W Office

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Project Deliverables

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  ID Type Title
view or print   1589 Government Publication Protecting Homes and Communities from Wildfire, Preventative Cross-Training Education for the Business Sector, Curriculum Outline, THE FIRE ENVIRONMENT
  go to website 840 Website  
view or print   4344 Invited Paper/Presentation PowerPoint presentation: Building Materials and Design
view or print   4345 Invited Paper/Presentation PowerPoint presentation: The Fire Environment
view or print   6393 Invited Paper/Presentation Home and Community Site Design, Defensible/Survivable Space and Fuel Management

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