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Project ID: 05-4-1-10

Year: 2005

Date Started: 05/12/2005

Date Completed: 10/10/2007

Title: Fuel Treatments and Forest Health: A Film and Interactive DVD

Project Proposal Abstract: Communication between scientists and fuels managers has been limited because research results often only appear in a diverse array of journals making it difficult to locate applied information relevant to particular fuels conditions. In theory the internet could bridge this divide, but searches often produce a mass of unfiltered technical information without clear local relevance. Manager's need a base information platform with an intuitive organization from which to search the internet. This proposal seeks funding to use a new technology, interactive DVD, to gain the user's interest, provide a common information portal and a tool for flexible information acquisition. Interactive DVD provides a film, special features for more in-depth information, and an updating website organized as a search platform for targeted information gathering. The film would build on the Teakettle Experiment's existing outreach and provide information about the different effects of prescribed fire and mechanical thinning on forest ecosystems. When the DVD is inserted in a computer or player it produces a website that allows viewers to play the movie or the special features, search a library of pdfs or link to information that is visually and thematically organized. Current technology would allow the user to click on the apparent website (actually on the DVD) and that would launch the connection to the Internet seamlessly moving from the DVD to websites with more in-depth information. At present much of the fuels treatment literature is dispersed in scientific journals or at disparate individual websites making it difficult to locate, filter and explore. We believe this new technology can help close the information gap between managers, scientists and the public.

Principal Investigator: Malcolm P. North

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: PSW-Sierra Nevada Research Center

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Federal Cooperator

Malcolm P. North

Forest Service

PSW-Sierra Nevada Research Center

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    1662 Government Publication Vegetation and Ecological Characteristics of Mixed Conifer and Red Fir Forests at Teakettle Experimental Forest
    2954 Journal Article Patterns of Mortality in an Old-Growth Mixed-Conifer Forest of the Southern Sierra Nevada, California
    4881 Invited Paper/Presentation Changes in Forest Structure, Spatial Pattern and Composition from Prescribed Fire and Thinning in Sierra Mixed Conifer
    4882 Invited Paper/Presentation Effects of Experimental Burning and Thinning on Soil Respiration and Belowground Characteristics
    4883 Invited Paper/Presentation Initial Response of Mixed-Conifer Understory to Fire and Thinning Restoration Treatments
    4884 Invited Paper/Presentation Demonstrating the Ecological Effects of Prescribed Fire and Thinning Fuel Treatments on Mixed-Conifer Ecosystems
    4885 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire and Fuel Treatment Effects on a Key Sierra Food Web
    4886 Invited Paper/Presentation Tree Regeneration and Soil Moisture Response to Fuel Reduction Treatments
    4887 Invited Paper/Presentation Different Ecological Effects of Prescribed Fire and Thinning Restoration Treatments on Mixed Conifer
    4888 Invited Paper/Presentation Microhabitat Association of Northern Flying Squirrels in Burned and Thinned Forest Stands of the Sierra Nevada
    4889 Invited Paper/Presentation Forest Response to Global Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution: Implications for Fire Management
    4890 Invited Paper/Presentation Light Thresholds for Competitive Reversals in Sierran Conifers: Enhancing the Restoration Component of Fuels-Reduction Canopy Thinnings
    4891 Invited Paper/Presentation Effects of Controlled Burning on Soil Resource Islands Associated with Patches of the N-Fixing Shrub, Ceanothus Cordulatus
    4892 Invited Paper/Presentation Soil Moisture and Tree Sapling Distributions in a Mature Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4792 Invited Paper/Presentation The Importance of Riparian Habitat to Northern Flying Squirrels at the Teakettle Experimental Forest
    4793 Invited Paper/Presentation The Teakettle Experiment
    4794 Invited Paper/Presentation Differences in Stand Structure and Pattern of Sierra and Pacific Northwest Old-Growth Forests
    4795 Invited Paper/Presentation The Effects of Fire on Soil Nitrogen and Frankia Associated with Patches of the Actinorhizal Shrub Ceanothus Cordulatus
  go to website 4600 Website  
    4796 Invited Paper/Presentation Soil Respiration Response to Management in Mixed-Conifer and Hardwood Forests
    4647 Invited Paper/Presentation Temporal and Spatial Variability of Air and Soil Temperatures in a Sierra Nevada Old-Growth Mixed Conifer Forest
    4648 Invited Paper/Presentation Past and Present Spatial Structure of Sierra Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4649 Invited Paper/Presentation Molecular Diversity of Ceanothus-Infective Frankia in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California
    4650 Invited Paper/Presentation Coherent Spatial Relationships of Species Distribution and Production in an Old-Growth Pseudotsuga-Tsuga Forest
    4651 Invited Paper/Presentation Impact of Fire and Thinning on Truffle Production and Consumption in a Sierra Nevada Mixed-Conifer and Red Fir Forest
    4652 Invited Paper/Presentation Effects of Burning and Thinning Treatments on Sunfleck Duration and Below-Canopy Reference Evapotranspiration in an Old-Growth, Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4653 Invited Paper/Presentation Influence of Light and Soil Moisture on the Sierra Mixed-Conifer Understory Community
    4654 Invited Paper/Presentation Influence of Fire and El Nino on Tree Recruitment Varies by Species in Sierran Mixed Conifer
    4655 Invited Paper/Presentation Disturbance Effects on Soil Respiration at Two Sites
    4656 Invited Paper/Presentation Species Specific Growth Patterns and El Nino Reconstruction Using Tree-Rings in the Southern Sierra Nevada
    4657 Invited Paper/Presentation Effect of Silvicultural Treatments and Prescribed Fire on Coarse Woody Debris Dynamics in a Sierran Old-Growth Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4658 Invited Paper/Presentation Hypogeous Ectomycorrhizal Fungi on Abies spp. Roots and in Small Mammal Diet in a Sierra Nevada Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4659 Invited Paper/Presentation Within-Stand Interactions of Forest Structure and Microclimate Variability in an Old-Growth, Mixed-Conifer Forest
    4660 Invited Paper/Presentation Forests, Fungi, and Small Mammals: The Impact of Fire and Thinning on Truffle Production and Consumption
    4661 Invited Paper/Presentation Biogeography of the N-Fixing Bacteria Frankia Symbiotic with Ceanothus in California
    5490 Invited Paper/Presentation Changes in Forest Structure, Spatial Pattern and Composition from Prescribed Fire and Thinning in Sierra Mixed Conifer
    5491 Invited Paper/Presentation Influence of Light and Soil Moisture on the Sierra Mixed-Conifer Understory Community
    5524 Invited Paper/Presentation Increases in Soil Respiration Following Burning and Thinning Treatments in an Old-Growth, Mixed-Conifer Forest
    5525 Invited Paper/Presentation Historic Occurrence of High Severity Fire in the Northern Sierra Nevada, California
    5526 Invited Paper/Presentation Soil Moisture Affects Conifer Shade Tolerance

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