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Project ID: 05-4-1-16

Year: 2005

Date Started: 05/11/2005

Date Completed: 08/21/2008

Title: Geo-Spatial Wildland Management Tool-Cumulative Watershed Effects Extension

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal is in response to Task 1: Extension of Technology Transfer Activities, as described in the JFSP Announcement for Proposals 2005-4. This proposal seeks continued funding to customize and deliver additional user-requested functionality of our currently JFSP-funded

Principal Investigator: Chris S. Renschler

Agency/Organization: University of Buffalo

Branch or Dept: Department of Geography

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Judy A. Perry

Forest Service

RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Fort Collins

Co-Principal Investigator

James Saveland

Forest Service

RMRS-Natural Resources Research Center

Federal Cooperator

William J. Elliot

Forest Service

RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Moscow

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network


There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
    80 Ph.D. Dissertation  
    81 Ph.D. Dissertation  
view or print   3170 Journal Article Transactions of the ASABE
view or print   3171 Journal Article Predicting Watershed Impacts of Forest Fuel Management with WEPP Technology
view or print   3172 Journal Article Erosion Risks in Selected Watersheds for the 2005 School Fire Located Near Pomeroy,Washington on Predominately Ash-Cap Soils
view or print   3183 Journal Article International Journal of Geographical Information Science
view or print   3184 Journal Article Transactions of the ASABE
    3022 Journal Article The Roles of Natural and Human Disturbances in Forest Soil Erosion
    3023 Journal Article Timber Harvest Impacts on Water Yield in the Continental/Maritime Hydroclimate Region of the U.S.
    3024 Journal Article A Collaborative GIScience Platform Facilitating Interdisciplinary Communication about Spatiotemporal Scales for Extreme Events
    3094 Journal Article Spatial and Temporal Model Validation: Representing Landscape Properties and Processes Across Scales
    3233 Journal Article Measuring and Modeling Hydrologic Responses to Timber Harvest in a Continental/Maritime Mountainous Environment
view or print   157 MS Thesis Incorporating Variable Source Area Hydrology in the WEPP Model (B.E. Crabtree)
    898 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3945 Invited Paper/Presentation WEPP (As Modified) R1 Validation Study
    3946 Invited Paper/Presentation Predicting Background and Risk-Based Sedimentation for Forest Watershed TMDLs
    3947 Traning Session  
    3948 Traning Session  
    3949 Traning Session  
    3950 Traning Session  
    3953 Traning Session  
    3957 Invited Paper/Presentation Implementing a Collaborative Platform and Multi-Hazard Models to Support the Integrated Management of Extreme Events
    3958 Invited Paper/Presentation Integrating Natural Resources and Disaster Management: A Holistic Perspective of Earth and GeoInformation Systems
    4186 Traning Session  
    4187 Invited Paper/Presentation Spatial Erosion Modeling and the Importance of Spatial Data for Evaluating Models
    4188 Invited Paper/Presentation Integrating GIScience and Environmental Modeling: Design and Implementation of a Cumulative Watershed Effects Analysis and Management Tool
    4189 Invited Paper/Presentation Monitoring and Modeling Multi-Hazards: An Integrated Geospatial Information Management Approach
    4190 Invited Paper/Presentation Integrated Research and Implementation in GIScience and Extreme Events: Developing Tools for Mitigation and Response
    3996 Invited Paper/Presentation Integration of GIScience and Environmental Modeling: Spatial Analysis and Management Tools for Natural Resources at Multiple Landscape Scales
    3997 Invited Paper/Presentation Representation of Landscape Properties and Processes Across Scales: Developing Methods and Tools to Facilitate the Interdisciplinary Communication in Extreme Event Analysis and Management
    3998 Traning Session  
    6276 Invited Paper/Presentation Communication About Scales? Representing Landscape Properties and Processes in Environmental Models and GIScience
    6277 Invited Paper/Presentation A Collaborative Platform Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Manage Extreme Events
  go to website 6373 Website  
    6390 Invited Paper/Presentation Developing Modeling and Communication Tools for Response and Mitigation
    6090 Invited Paper/Presentation Process-Based Decision-Support for Impact Assessment of Extreme Events at the Watershed Scale
    5575 Invited Paper/Presentation Effects of DEM Resolution on Forest Hydrologic and Erosion Prediction Using WEPP

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