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Project ID: 05-1-2-06

Year: 2005

Date Started: 04/11/2005

Date Completed: 11/01/2007

Title: Managing Fire With Fire in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests: Impacts of Fire Severity on Successional Trajectory and Future Forest Flammability

Project Proposal Abstract: This project aims to use data from the 2004 fires in Alaska to link pre-fire vegetation composition and soil conditions with patterns of burn severity and post-fire stand rehabilitation. The primary objective is to examine how variations in burn severity can influence patterns of post-fire rehabilitation and thereby direct future patterns of fuel accumulation and stand flammability. The research will make use of existing data on pre-fire vegetation collected across multiple stands and fires in black spruce forests of Interior Alaska. Post-fire data on soils and plant regeneration from field observations and remote sensing will be used to develop predictive relationships linking pre-fire community composition and burn severity to post-fire trajectories of ecosystem rehabilitation. These relationships can then be used by managers to assess, predict, and design fire effects on future stand flammability. This information will contribute to wildland fire management in Alaska, where a key ingredient to long-term fire management is fire itself.

Principal Investigator: Jill Johnstone

Agency/Organization: University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Branch or Dept: Institute of Arctic Biology

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Federal Cooperator

Teresa N. Hollingsworth

Forest Service

PNW-Boreal Ecology Cooperative Research Unit

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Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   1517 Government Publication Managing Fire with Fire in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests
view or print   1881 Government Publication A Key for Predicting Postfire Successional Trajectories in Black Spruce Stands of Interior Alaska
  go to website 2978 Journal Article Maps of Successional Trajectory
    3141 Journal Article Estimating Post-Fire Organic Soil Depth in the Alaskan Boreal Forest Using the Normalized Burn Ratio
    3142 Journal Article Potential Bias in Mapping Fire Severity from Remotely Sensed Data Due to Topographic Effects
    3143 Journal Article Increasing Wildfire in the Boreal Forest: Causes, Consequences, and Pathways to Potential Solutions of a Wicked Problem
    3144 Journal Article Using Landsat Data to Assess Fire and Burn Severity in the North American Boreal Forest Region: An Overview and Summary of Results
    2998 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Symposium for Fire Manager to Summarize Results of JFSP Fire Research Projects
    2999 Invited Paper/Presentation Alaska Fire Service Fire Effects Course--Keynote Speaker
    3136 Field Demonstration/Tour Tour of Demonstration Sites at Caribou Poker Creeks Watershed
  go to website 3137 Website  
    3138 Poster Managing Fire with Fire in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests
    3139 Invited Paper/Presentation Managing Fire with Fire in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests: Impacts of Fire Severity on Successional Trajectory and Future Forest Flammability
    6542 Invited Paper/Presentation Presentation to the Alaskan Northern Forest Cooperative
    6543 Invited Paper/Presentation Project Meeting with Managers from Alaska Division of Natural Resources
    6544 Invited Paper/Presentation Presentation and Field Visit to Demonstration Sites with Local Fire Managers and the JFSP Governing Board
    6545 Invited Paper/Presentation Symposium for Fire Managers to Summarize the Results of this JFSP and Other Fire Research Projects at the University of Alaska
    6546 Invited Paper/Presentation Poster Presentation at 7th Annual Alaska Statewide Noxious and Invasive Plants Management Workshop
    6547 Invited Paper/Presentation Research Update at the North American Boreal Fuel Consumption Working Group
    6743 Invited Paper/Presentation Presentation at the North American Boreal Fuel Consumption Working Group
  go to website 6548 Invited Paper/Presentation Final Project Meeting with Managers
    6549 Poster 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress
    6550 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference
    6551 Poster Long Term Ecological Research All-Scientist’s Meeting
    6552 Conference/Symposia/Workshop US-IALE 22nd Annual Conference
    6553 Conference/Symposia/Workshop VIth International Conference on Disturbance Dynamics in Boreal Forests
    6554 Conference/Symposia/Workshop Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
    6906 Poster Quantifying Wildfire Burn Severity in Alaska’s Boreal Black Spruce Forests: Comparing Visual and Destructive Methods of Assessment

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