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Project ID: 05-2-1-81

Year: 2005

Date Started: 09/01/2005

Date Completed: 02/08/2010

Title: OK-FIRE: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Managers in Oklahoma

Project Proposal Abstract: While acknowledging the current usefulness of the fire management tools available on the Oklahoma Mesonet, the state's automated weather monitoring system, the USDA Forest Service (Problem Statement) describes a critical need to incorporate a forecast component into the fire management tools, to develop a specific wildland fire management web site for easy and quick access to such products, and to provide necessary training to users of the system. In support of this local need (Task Statement #1), the overall objective of OK-FIRE is to develop a weather-based decision support system to aid wildland fire managers in Oklahoma in their prescribed burning and wildfire anticipation/suppression activities. To this end, the project will have a three-fold emphasis: (1) an expanded suite of products for fire weather, fire danger, and smoke dispersion which incorporate a 3-day predictive component; (2) a dedicated OK-FIRE wildland fire management web site to act as the delivery mechanism for the above products; and (3) regional training and customer support activities for the user groups involved. With respect to the fire management products (1), the Oklahoma Mesonet, the state's automated weather station network of 116 sites reporting weather data every 15 minutes, will be used for past/current conditions, while forecast conditions will be based on twice-daily 84-hour forecast output from the NCEP Eta model. While specifically addressing the concerns of the USDA Forest Service, the work proposed will benefit other wildland fire managers in Oklahoma. Accordingly, in this project we plan to involve not only the Forest Service, but four other federal agencies in Oklahoma, as well as the Oklahoma Forestry Services division and a private organization (The Nature Conservancy). This proposal enjoys strong support from these federal, state, and private wildland fire management groups (see attached letters). The benefits of OK-FIRE will consist of trained wildland fire managers who will be able to knowledgeably use the latest current and forecasted mesoscale firerelated information in their prescribed fire and wildfire suppression activities. Additional benefits will be enhanced safety due to trained personnel and more efficient allocation of personnel and equipment, resulting in cost savings. Finally, OK-FIRE can serve as a model for other states or regions which wish to develop decision support systems for wildland fire managers.

Principal Investigator: J. D. Carlson

Agency/Organization: Oklahoma State University

Branch or Dept: Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Terrence G. Bidwell

Oklahoma State University

Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Federal Cooperator

Roger D. Fryar

Forest Service

Ozark-St Francis National Forests

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network

Great Plains

There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   1472 Government Publication OK-Fire: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Management in Oklahoma
view or print   950 Photo Woodward Workshop Presentation 2006
view or print   1149 Photo Muskogee Workshop Attendees 2007
view or print   1150 Photo Muskogee Workshop Lab Exercises 2007
view or print   1151 Photo OK Fire Web Site
view or print   1152 Photo Talihina Workshop Attendees 2006
view or print   1153 Photo Tulsa Fire Department Workshop 2009
    1475 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm The Oklahoma Fire Danger Model
    1621 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Implemented a Calibrated "Nelson" Dead Fuel Moisture Model onto OK-FIRE
    4755 Field Demonstration/Tour Meeting with our Federal/State/Private Wildland Fire Cooperators in the OK-FIRE Project
    3999 Poster OK-Fire: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Management in Oklahoma
    4001 Invited Paper/Presentation OK-Fire: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Managers in Oklahoma--Bar Harbor, ME
  go to website 4002 Website The OK-FIRE Web Site was Made Public
    4003 Invited Paper/Presentation OK-Fire: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Mangement in Oklahoma--Norman, OK
    4004 Invited Paper/Presentation Weather-Based Decision-Support Tools for Prescribed Burning in Oklahoma--Ardmore, OK
    6629 Training Session Scheduled Locations and Dates for a Series of Half-Day Computer Workshops Around Oklahoma
  go to website 6467 Website Developed Second-Generation OK-FIRE Web Site
    6468 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Integrated new plug-in software (WeatherScope) for use in the second-generation web site.
    6469 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Fire Prescription Planner
    6480 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Integrated Numerical Output From the 84-h WRF (NMM-NAM) Forecast Model
    6881 Training Session Conducted Nine Regional OK-FIRE Computer Workshops
    6504 Invited Paper/Presentation OK-Fire: A Weather-Based Decision Support System for Wildland Fire Managers in Oklahoma--Destin, FL
    6505 Training Session Scheduled and Signed up Fire Managers for a Series of Eight Regional OK-FIRE Computer Workshops
  go to website 6421 Website Made a Number of Product Modifications and Added Wind Direction as a Prescription Element in the Fire Prescription Planner
    6422 Field Demonstration/Tour Met with a Number of Fire Professional Groups to See How we Might Best Expand OK-FIRE
    6034 Training Session Conducted Eight Regional OK-FIRE Computer Workshops for our User Groups
    6035 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm Integrated Two More Cycles (06Z, 18Z) of the NAM Forecast Model
    6036 Website Added Regional Satellite Imagery to the Web Site

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