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Project ID: 05-2-1-105

Year: 2005

Date Started: 07/25/2005

Date Completed: 07/28/2008

Title: Delayed Tree Mortality Following Fire in Western Conifers

Project Proposal Abstract: This proposal applies to Task 1 of AFP 2005-2 as it seeks to provide locally important knowledge of delayed tree mortality following fire. Tree mortality is a large factor in post fire treatment actions, including post fire salvage logging. The Fire Sciences Lab has been studying delayed tree mortality following fire for the past twenty-five years. Forest Health Protection in Region 5 has also tracked mortality following fire for ten years. While many papers have resulted from the studies, there is a large amount of data that has never been analyzed nor reported in the literature. This is an opportunity to extensively analyze the largest dataset on tree injury and mortality following fire in existence. The Fire Lab and FHP have worked cooperatively on tree mortality for the past three years. RMRS and FHP's close partnership and familiarity with the data place them in a strong position to combine and analyze the data to produce robust mortality models for western coniferous species.

Principal Investigator: Sharon M. Hood

Agency/Organization: Forest Service

Branch or Dept: RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Kevin C. Ryan

Forest Service

RMRS-Fire Sciences Lab-Missoula

Federal Cooperator

Mike Landram

Forest Service

Region 5-Pacific Southwest Region

Project Locations

Fire Science Exchange Network


Northern Rockies



There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   1541 Government Publication Assessing Post-Fire Douglas-Fir Mortality and Douglas-Fire Beetle Attacks in the Northern Rocky Mountains
view or print   3061 Journal Article International Journal of Wildland Fire
view or print   2934 Journal Article Fire Ecology
  go to website 2984 Computer Model/Software/Algorithm  
    2985 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire-Injury
    2986 Invited Paper/Presentation Delayed Conifer Mortality Following Fire in California
    2987 Invited Paper/Presentation Understanding the Smith and Cluck 2007 Fire Salvage Marking Guidelines
    2992 Invited Paper/Presentation Update on the Development and Use of Fire Salvage Marking Guidelines in R5
    2993 Invited Paper/Presentation Delayed Conifer Mortality Following Fire in California
    3514 Invited Paper/Presentation Predicting Post-Fire Douglas-Fir Beetle Attacks and Tree Mortality
    3556 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire Salvage Marking Guidelines in CA - Where We Were, Where We Are and Where We’re Going
    3559 Invited Paper/Presentation Delayed Conifer Mortality Following Fire in California
    3560 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3561 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3562 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3563 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3564 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3565 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3566 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3567 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3568 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
    3569 Conference/Symposia/Workshop  
  go to website 6112 Website  
view or print   6113 Poster Delayed Tree Mortality Following Fire in Western Conifers
    5704 Invited Paper/Presentation Fire Injury-Region 5 Forest Insect and Disease Training
    5708 Invited Paper/Presentation Delayed Conifer Mortality Following Fire in California
    5709 Invited Paper/Presentation Completed Conifer Mortality Following Fire in California

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