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Project ID: 00-2-04

Year: 2001

Date Started: 01/18/2001

Date Completed: 11/14/2007

Title: Integrating Fuel and Forest Management: Developing Prescriptions for the Central Hardwood Region

Project Proposal Abstract: The oak dominated forests, woodlands, and savannas of eastern North America have evolved under the influence of fire for thousands of years. In the Ozarks of southern Missouri, in recent years (50-100 years), fire exclusion and timber harvests have increased fUel loads and changed vegetative structure. However, little information is available and scant research has been conducted on fuel loads, fuel reduction, and fire behavior on these sites. Currently fire is being used to modify existing vegetation and monitoring programs have focused on species composition; data collected on fire and fuels have been qualitative at best We propose to quantify fuel loading, fire behavior, and the cost effectiveness of three fuel reduction treatments (prescribed fire with overstory thinning, prescribed fire alone, and a no burn no harvest control). In addition, we will analyze the effect of these treatments on herbaceous and woody species composition and structure. The prescribed fire treatment will be a spring burn (2x in 3 years) and the overstory thinning will consist of reducing overstory stocking to 40 ft/acre of basal area, leaving the most dominant trees with preference given to fire tolerant species. This treatment will be applied during the dormant season prior to the first burn. Each of the treatments will be applied to a five-acre plot and one study block will consist of the three treatments applied to each of three topographic positions (north slope, ridge top, and south slope). The study will be replicated three times across the southern Ozarks and each 45+-acre block will be developed into a demonstration area where resource managers, fire managers, and other interested parties will be able to see and evaluate the relative effect of prescribed burning, thinning, and the interaction of these treatments on fuel loads, forest structure, and understory vegetation. Interpretive displays will be set up on each site so that individuals visiting outside of scheduled tours will be able to evaluate the data and view the differences among treatments. The results will be presented in refereed journals, technical reports, workshops, and at conferences. Targeted audiences include: resource managers, researchers, private landowners, and other interested parties. The broad range of interest in this topic is due to the lack of quantitative information on integrating fuel and vegetation management in the Central Hardwoods region.

Principal Investigator: Edward F. Loewenstein

Agency/Organization: Auburn University

Branch or Dept: School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

Other Project Collaborators




Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Bruce Cutter

University of Missouri-Columbia


Co-Principal Investigator

Keith W. Grabner

USGS-Geological Survey

Columbia Environmental Research Center

Co-Principal Investigator

George W. Hartman


MDC-Conservation Research Center

Co-Principal Investigator

Rose-Marie M. Muzika

University of Missouri-Columbia

College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Federal Cooperator

Frank R. Thompson III

Forest Service

NRS-Central Hardwoods

Federal Fiscal Representative

John M. Kabrick

Forest Service

NRS-Central Hardwoods

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Oak Woodlands

There are no project locations identified for this project.

Project Deliverables

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("Results presented in JFSP Final Reports may not have been peer-reviewed and should be interpreted as tentative until published in a peer-reviewed source.")

  ID Type Title
view or print   1453 Government Publication Where There’s Fuel, There Could be Fire
view or print   2311 Journal Article An Updated Rate-of-Spread Clock
view or print   162 MS Thesis Effects of Prescribed Burning in Missouri Ozark Upland Forests
    208 Field Demonstration/Tour Estimating Wildland Fuels Training for the MO Dept of Conservation Forest Field Station Wildland Fuels Sampling Crew
view or print   312 Poster Integrating Fuel and Fire into Forest Management
    325 Field Demonstration/Tour Estimating Wildland Fuels
    326 Field Demonstration/Tour Prescribed Fire Training
    330 Field Demonstration/Tour Site Tour
view or print   494 Invited Paper/Presentation Fuel Loading in the Central Hardwoods
    495 Invited Paper/Presentation The Effect of Thinning and Aspect on Fire Behavior in the Central Hardwood Region
    496 Invited Paper/Presentation Integrating Ecology Into Management: Silvicultural Tools for Restoring and Managing Oak Woodlands in the Ozark Highlands
    497 Invited Paper/Presentation Plant Community Response to Prescribed Fire and Thinning in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks
view or print   498 Poster Integrating Fuel and Forest Management: Developing Prescriptions for the Central Hardwoods Region
    4407 Field Demonstration/Tour Estimating WIldland Fuels Training for the MO Dept of Conservation Forest Field Station Wildland Fuels Sampling Crew
    4408 Poster Immediate Effects of Prescribed Burning and Thinning on Plant Communities in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks
view or print   5358 Invited Paper/Presentation The Effect of Thinning and Prescribed Fire on Fuel Loading in the Central Hardwood Region of Missouri
view or print   5405 Poster Evaluation of Passive Flame Height Sensors for the Central Hardwood Region

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