Bark Beetles and Fire

pdf document Two Forces of Nature Transforming Western Forests

pdf document Effects of bark beetle-caused tree mortality on wildfire

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pdf Scientific Debate on Simard paper

Fuels and Fire Behavior Dynamics in Bark Beetle-Attacked Forests in Western North America and Implications for Fire Management (prepress version, 2012)

pdf Wildfire provides refuge from local extinction but is an unlikely driver of outbreaks by mountain pine beetle (2012)
pdf What explains landscape patterns of tree mortality caused by bark beetle outbreaks in Greater Yellowstone? (2011)
pdf Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests? (2011)

Effect of prior disturbances on the extent and severity of wildfire in Colorado subalpine forests (2007)

There are many papers on bark beetles. Please visit this website for links to publications related to bark beetles at Utah State University.