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Project ID: 09-4-1-11

Year: 2009

Date Started: 09/01/2009

Date Completed: 02/19/2010

Title: Developing a Fire-Science Network and Delivery System for the Northern Lake States

Project Proposal Abstract: In the northern Lake States, almost all federal and state resource management organizations are faced with the challenge of managing fire-dependent forest ecosystem types. Efforts to reduce hazardous fuel levels and restore these forest ecosystem types to more natural conditions are often complicated by the need to focus on multiple objectives, including wildlife habitat, commodity production, recreational opportunities, and amenity values. In some instances these objectives may be complementary, while in others they may involve difficult tradeoffs. Such tradeoffs are further complicated by institutional mandates, complex ownership patterns, and limited availability of information. Resource managers must balance these competing demands as they design their management and restoration programs. Unfortunately, our experience suggests that the fire-science information utilized by resource managers and policymakers in the northern Lake States is acquired in a relatively diffuse manner from a variety of disparate sources. This project will draw on expertise at The Ohio State University, current research in forest and fire ecology, risk analysis, and decision-making, and the experience of resource managers and policymakers to establish a consortium focused on developing a fire-science network and delivery system for the northern Lake States. This consortium will work to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of emerging fire-science information into management and restoration activities. Through a network of decision-makers and scientists within the region, the consortium will encourage the application of scientific research that is informed and driven by user demand to achieve resource management objectives. In addition, consortium partners will work together to develop the most appropriate methods and tools to build awareness and understanding of emerging innovations in a manner that resonates most strongly with the target audience (i.e., resource managers, policymakers, and the affected public). In anticipation of developing a full proposal for the Joint Fire Science Program in January 2010 focused on forming this consortium, this planning project will focus on the following objectives: 1) establish an Advisory Board composed of policymakers, managers, researchers, and other stakeholders with experience in the northern Lake States; 2) conduct an initial assessment of decision-maker information and decision-support needs through interviews with managers from across the region as well as key members of the public; 3) organize a workshop of potential consortium partners; 4) establish the framework for a knowledge bank of fire-science information with the assistance of The Ohio State University Media Center; and 5) explore the possibility of developing a seed-grant program intended to provide researchers and managers with more readily available support than the typical competitive extramural funding sources. These efforts will assist us in developing a consortium and associated fire-science network that will serve the region by analyzing, synthesizing, and disseminating technical information related to fire ecology, fuels treatment, and fire-use policy, as well as providing a participatory and interactive forum for the exchange of information not only between researchers, resource managers, and policymakers, but also between federal and state organizations.

Principal Investigator: Patrick C. Goebel

Agency/Organization: Ohio State University

Branch or Dept: School of Environment & Natural Resources-Wooster

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Branch or Dept

Federal Cooperator

Tim Hepola

FWS-Fish and Wildlife Service

Region 3-Fire Management Office

Federal Fiscal Representative

Katherine L. Spomer

FWS-Fish and Wildlife Service

Region 3-Fire Management Office

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Lake States

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