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Project ID: 09-4-1-3

Year: 2009

Date Started: 08/15/2009

Date Completed: 09/30/2011

Title: Development of a California Fire Science Delivery Consortium

Project Proposal Abstract: California is a diverse state with a wide range of fire ecoregions, each arguably in need of a regionally-focused fire science delivery program. Despite this diversity, there are basic challenges faced by all fire ecoregions in the state. Therefore, the University of California, Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach and Center for Forestry have organized a state-wide consortium made up of a central hub and several strong regional nodes to focus on fire science delivery in a way that builds upon the strengths of each of the partners and regional needs, but emphasizes a unified effort at the state level. This flexible and efficient structure recognizes that although a broad knowledge base exists to project fire impacts, what the state lacks is the full capacity to transfer this knowledge within and between ecoregions. There is currently coordination across federal, state, local, and private resources during major fire incidents, but far less regarding the application of new fire science and the dissemination of strategies that prevent damaging fires. We will focus the planning phase of consortium development on gaining a better understanding of our end-user communities by conducting a needs assessment in each ecoregion in full partnership with our consortium members. Through structured interviews with key actors, we will identify the best practices used in the more successful science delivery experiences. These results will help guide the improvement of the many successful science delivery partnerships throughout the state in order to expand their reach both within similar fire ecoregions and among different ecoregions. We have the capacity to carry out a wide variety of activities to meet science delivery objectives, and have identified a variety of programs that could be developed. These include dissemination of information and relationship building around specific issues such as the better use of scientific information in environmental review processes. We will take advantage of the breadth of demonstration sites throughout the state, including the Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest (Lassen National Forest), the Lassen-Plumas Administrative Study, and three Fire and Fire Surrogate Study locations, to provide field-based learning opportunities relevant to fire management. In addition, we will exploit the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project and similar efforts in California to extend what is already being learned about effective means to improve management. Finally, we will evaluate program effectiveness using a rigorous set of methods. The ultimate measure of success of the California Fire Science Delivery Consortium is an improvement in land management in relation to fire risks.

Principal Investigator: Scott L. Stephens

Agency/Organization: University of California-Berkeley

Branch or Dept: Department of Environmental Sciences-Policy & Management

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Branch or Dept

Co-Principal Investigator

Max Moritz

University of California-Berkeley

Department of Environmental Sciences-Policy & Management

Federal Cooperator

Hao Tran

Forest Service

PSW-Pacific Southwest Research Station

Federal Fiscal Representative

Anna Wong

Forest Service

PSW-Pacific Southwest Research Station

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Fire Science Exchange Network










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