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Project ID: 13-3-01-26

Year: 2013

Date Started: 07/01/2013

Ending Date:  12/31/2015

Title: Detailed Fuelbed Characterization, Mapping and Future Fire Hazard Assessment for Eglin Air Force Base, FL

Project Proposal Abstract: Eglin Air Force Base (Eglin) is the largest forested military reservation in the United States and a substantial fraction is comprised of fire-dependent ecosystems. To manage this disturbance regime, the natural resources management section for Eglin operates an ambitious, nationally recognized, prescribed fire program. This proposal seeks to enhance a dissertation project being conducted through the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences that seeks to deliver applied research to prescribed fire managers at Eglin and other land management units in northern Florida. This dissertation has two objectives. To evaluate the relative impacts of growing and dormant season burns on the fuels life cycle in pine flatwoods of the southeast U.S., and to quantify future impacts of a reduced burning schedule at Eglin on fire hazard with a landscape fire-succession model, the Fuelbed Dynamics Model, designed to work with Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS) fuelbeds. This project would fund the development of fuelbed characterization and mapping for Eglin, a product that would both enhance the quality of the FDM analysis of the dissertation and provide a valuable management tool for fire managers at Eglin. The primary deliverables for this project will be a set of FCCS fuelbeds and associated map for Eglin and a landscape analysis of future management scenarios of potential fire hazard and the spatial distribution of fuelbeds. Additional deliverables include one seminar and conference to present results of the fuelbed characterization and map and a journal article to present the results of the landscape analysis.

Principal Investigator: Ernesto C. Alvarado

Agency/Organization: University of Washington

Branch or Dept: School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

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Agreements Contact

Carol Rhodes

University of Washington

Office of Sponsored Programs

Budget Contact

Sally L. Morgan

University of Washington

School of Forest Resources

Student Investigator

James B. Cronan

University of Washington

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

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