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Project ID: 12-5-01-13

Year: 2012

Date Started: 01/01/2012

Date Completed: 06/02/2012

Title: Hayman Fire Science Symposium: Lessons Learned After Ten Years of Recovery, Rehabilitation, & Restoration

Project Proposal Abstract: Since the Colorado Hayman Fire of 2002, and the ensuing Hayman Fire Case Study published by the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), a significant amount of scientific research and learning has occurred at the site of this well-known fire. The coming 10th anniversary of the Hayman Fire in June 2012, in conjunction with the National Forest Foundations (NFF) Treasured Landscapes Hayman Restoration Partnership campaign, provides a timely opportunity to convene key scientists, land managers, and conservation organizations. The collective energy that has gone into scientific research within the Hayman provides a special opportunity to highlight scientific learning for the benefit of land managers and their decision-making related to fire mitigation and restoration. The proposed Hayman Fire Science Symposium: Lessons Learned After Ten Years of Recovery, Rehabilitation, & Restoration includes two audiences: the scientists who have conducted research at the Hayman Fire site that is relevant to land managers, and land managers within Colorado and the broader Southern Rockies Ecosystem. The primary goal of the Hayman Fire Science Symposium is to gather the most important and sound science related to the Hayman fire-impacted ecosystem and convene a productive forum in which this science can be presented and discussed with land managers. Presenting scientists will be asked in advance to focus on the following application-oriented questions: Why is the research topic important for managers in understanding the dynamics of post-fire recovery? What are the top 3-4 discoveries that managers need to be aware of? How have scientists recommendations to managers about post-fire recovery changed since the Hayman fire and what new variables do land managers need to take into consideration? Where is there still considerable scientific uncertainty and what is currently being done to reduce this uncertainty? Where can managers get more information on the science research topic? Symposium topic areas will include: a brief historical context of fire and ponderosa pine forests of the Front Range to set the stage of the Symposium, fire behavior during the Hayman, soils and erosion and post-fire rehabilitation activities, effects on water and aquatic resources, vegetation and wildlife responses to the Hayman Fire. The Symposium and its deliverables will elevate the availability of fire science research to land managers. The Symposium will also serve as a mechanism for managers to voice their thoughts concerning the next phase of research. The Symposium will take place June 21-22 in Denver, Colorado and at the Hayman Fire site. There will be approximately 125 participants. The location for the first day will be indoors at the downtown Denver REI store community room. This venue has been selected for its central location, accessibility, and visibility. During the second day, a field tour led by select scientists will take place at the Hayman Fire site and the RMRS Manitou Research Station. Deliverables will include website access to registration and materials, an annotated bibliography of research conducted on the Hayman Fire recovery, rehabilitation, and restoration; a brief conference proceedings from both days of the Symposium and outlining future research needs; a list of symposium participants; and the Symposium itself.

Principal Investigator: Kimberly F. Langmaid

Agency/Organization: National Forest Foundation

Branch or Dept: Colorado Program

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Branch or Dept

Agreements Contact

Sheree K. Bombard

National Forest Foundation

Colorado Program

Budget Contact

Kimberly F. Langmaid

National Forest Foundation

Colorado Program

Co-Principal Investigator

Paula J. Fornwalt

Forest Service

RMRS-Forestry Sciences Lab-Fort Collins

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Fire Science Exchange Network

Southern Rockies






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